I just passed the four month mark. So pleased. The Rogaine has worked well in the sense my frontal hairline has re-grown roughly 50 or so hairs growing about 3/8 of an inch lower than when I had the transplant. And it seems like well over half the grafts you placed are sprouting hairs ranging from whiskers to in some cases about 3/8 inch in length. I never expected this much this fast! It feels like a fuller head of hair to the touch. Patients are commenting that I look good, look different but no one has guessed what I did. But I tell em all. I don’t give a darn what anybody thinks and, at least to my face, they are enthusiastically supportive. The hair loss was really bugging me, and since I need to practice longer than most it gives me a confidence boost to look a little younger.

Is it really gonna get even better once a year is up? What should I expect?

Thank you my friend.


Plastic surgeon who underwent hair transplant.

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