Hair Restoration for Men Video Gallery

Choosing your surgeon
Result of 1800 FUE grafts
Result of 2400 FUE grafts
Result of 2500 FUE grafts
One year after 2500 FUE grafts
Result of 2400 FUE grafts 10 months out
Impressive results achieved with a single procedure of 2400 FUE grafts
Result of 4000 FUE Grafts to Restore Male Hairline
This man in his mid-50s has achieved a significant improvement with two hair transplant procedures providing 4000 grafts.
Dr. Epstein explains the most recently developed FUE technology
Result of 5800 FUE grafts using a combination of scalp, beard, chest and back hairs. Because this patient had an advanced Class 6 degree of hair loss with a limited scalp donor supply, hairs from his beard, chest and back were transplanted to supplement his scalp hairs.
Result of 2700 FUE grafts Patient achieved a strong frontal forelock with his hair transplant.
Body Hair Transplant (BHT) result
Hairline excision for repair of prior transplanted hairline
A reparative eprocedure for prior grafting using hairline advancement surgery
In this young man, a conservative frontal forelock was appropriately restored to create a significantly more age-appropriate appearance, with 2000 FUE grafts.
Result 9 months after 1900 FUE grafts
Hair as a Specialty Not Just a Procedure
Result of 2600 FUE grafts. This 45 year old man achieved a lower fuller hairline with hair restoration.  He is shown one year out.
Hairline Design Epstein in detail
Result after 1600 FUE grafts
Asian patient one year after 1400 FUE grafts to create a more youthful hairline.
One day after 1170 FUE grafts
No-Shave FUE
Reparative FUE Procedure
Body Hair Transplant (BHT) result
Dr. Epstein explains the most recently developed FUE technology
Dr. Epstein discussing the application of body hairs for restoring scalp hair
Anesthesia for Hair Restoration Surgery
Future Hair Loss Therapies
Reparative Hair Transplants

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