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The Women’s Center For Hair Loss

Hairline Lowering Surgery, Hair Restoration, Eyebrow Transplantation.

Three Procedures, Provided With the Highest Level of Skill and Expertise

For women, missing hair of the scalp or eyebrows, having an overly high hairline, or having scarring of the hairline from prior plastic surgery, can be a distressing and personal experience. Dr. Epstein is a true expert in addressing these aesthetic concerns, with years of experience and performing thousands of procedures.

To complement his surgical techniques of hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery, eyebrow transplantation, and hair transplantation to the scalp, Dr. Epstein founded the Women’s Center for Hair Loss, along with European plastic surgeon Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein, to provide the medical approaches to diagnosing and treating hair loss when appropriate.

Dr. Epstein discusses his approach on Hairline Lowering/Forehead Reduction

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Hair Procedures That Are Aesthetic and Technically Advanced

For more than 24 years, Dr. Epstein has been advancing techniques for hairline lowering surgery, hair transplantation, and eyebrow restoration that have set him apart as a true expert. Triple board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology, he created the Women’s Center for Hair Loss to specifically address the concerns of his female patients in a caring and specialized environment.

In addition to performing procedures, patients are able to receive proper medical work-ups and individualized nonsurgical interventions that include but are not limited to at-home laser light therapy and autologous fat transfer (a procedure developed by Dr. Epstein and his colleague Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein for treating scarring alopecia).

Dr. Epstein’s Key Accomplishments:

  • Achieves natural appearing results
  • Performs these procedures in both his Miami and NYC offices
  • Frequently lectures at national and international conferences
  • Averages 10 hair procedures weekly, approximately one-third on women
  • Expert in the technique of FUE (follicular unit extraction)
  • Has performed over 750 eyebrow transplants, and many more hair transplants and hairline lowering surgeries on women
  • Written numerous chapter textbooks and scientific journal articles on hair procedures in women

Hairline Lowering & Forehead Reduction

There are two techniques for advancing the overly high hairline — the surgical hairline advancement (SHA)/forehead reduction surgery, and hair transplantation. Few doctors are proficient in both procedures, but given Dr. Epstein’s experience as a facial plastic surgeon specializing in hair restoration, he is one of the world’s specialists.

The SHA takes two hours to perform, and allows in the appropriate candidate for as much as 1 ½ to 2 inches or more of lowering of the hairline in a single procedure, with virtually instantaneous results and unsurpassed density. The main requirement for this procedure is a flexible scalp to allow for sufficient advancement, and not much if any thinning of the frontal hairline. Hair grafting is less “surgical”, where 1200 to as many as 2400 or more hair grafts can be transplanted in a single procedure to grow in a natural direction. In consultation with Dr. Epstein, you will be able to come up with the ideal plan for addressing your hair concerns.

Technique: Surgical Hairline Advancement

This surgical procedure, in which Dr. Epstein is one of a handful of surgeons to specialize in performing, involves the making of an incision along the front of the hairline, through which the entire frontal scalp is brought forward and the excess forehead skin excised. The incision heals as a fine line scar designed so that hairs actually grow through it.

Usually performed under twilight sedation, recovery is quite easy, with sutures removed at one week and most patients presentable the very next day. In most cases, Dr. Epstein is able to advance the hairline by 20 to 24mm, or around one inch, but he routinely exceeds this amount due to his extensive experience that allows him to obtain the greatest amount of lowering. In the occasional patient,balloon tissue expansion is performed to maximize the lowering of the hairline, particularly in highly motivated patients who want the procedure but have a relatively inelastic scalp. Dr. Epstein may also use this technique in cases of scalp reconstructions such as after trauma.

Technique: Hair Grafting

This meticulous technique takes six to eight hours to perform, usually under oral sedation, to allow for the harvesting then placement of the large number of hairs into individually made recipient sites.

The hairs are transplanted in what are called “follicular units” — the natural bundling of one, two, and three hairs. No sutures are required if done by the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique, or dissolvable sutures are used with the strip technique. The next day the patient may have her hair washed, then return to most activities in a matter of days.

Eyebrow Transplants

Learn more about this procedure as performed by Dr. Epstein.

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