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Non-scalp Hair Transplants

Eyebrow Transplants

This relatively newer hair restoration procedure is now in high demand, as results have reached a level of true naturalness. For Dr. Epstein, this is not a new phenomenon — he has been at the forefront in developing these techniques for over 15 years. Techniques that involve the meticulous making of the smallest possible recipient sites positioned to mimic natural growth. Dr. Epstein performs four or more of these procedures weekly, and continues to refine results.

Dr. Epstein is Proud to Have His Work Recognized by

The Expert in Eyebrows and Beards

There is likely not another surgeon who is as well known for his expertise in these specialty hair transplant procedures. Since 2001, Dr. Epstein has been developing techniques for transplanting hairs to the eyebrows and beards, as well as eyelashes, the chest, pubic region, even the legs and arms, and his work continues to be recognized worldwide for the aesthetic results he achieves, one patient at a time.

Dr. Epstein’s Key Accomplishments:

  • Has performed over 700 eyebrow and 900 beard procedures
  • Achieves natural-appearing results
  • Has published scientific articles and textbook chapters
  • Most cases performed using advanced FUE techniques
  • Routinely invited to lecture on his techniques at national and international meetings

Eyebrow Transplants

This is a procedure for women and men who desire fuller, more aesthetic appearing eyebrows. Whether the eyebrows are overly thin or flat or too arched from over plucking or genetics or aging, or missing hairs in a scar that is the result of trauma, they can be restored using techniques largely developed by Dr. Epstein himself, including the use of tiny blades half a millimeter in thickness into which the hairs get placed.

At the FUE Europe meeting held in Manchester, UK in June 2019, Dr. Epstein not only gave two lectures on his eyebrow transplant techniques, but also did a live surgery

The procedure takes three to five hours to perform, most commonly with an oral sedative (although twilight anesthesia is offered) and local anesthesia. It is meticulous work, done with strict attention to detail and aesthetics.

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