The Gorana and Jeffrey Epstein Foundation

Charitable Works

Charitable Works Giving back to others by providing reduced or no fee surgeries has always been an important part of Drs. Gorana and Jeffrey Epstein’s practices. This work helps those without the means to pay for expert care, in a compassionate and professional environment.

Specialists In Hair Restoration & Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein as a facial plastic surgeon, and Dr. Gorana Epstein as a plastic surgeon, apply their aesthetic and technical skills to hair restoration to help people address some of the most visible and emotionally damaging forms of scarring and other impairments. They are able to combine various therapy modalities for the treatment of people with facial and scalp trauma, burns, prior surgical issues, and congenital disabilities.

A Helping Hand

The doctors volunteer their time and provide financial contributions to fund surgeries through the Gorana and Jeffrey Epstein Foundation. This includes providing pro bono hair procedures through the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s charitable organization Operation Restore.

The doctors are able to help the following groups without any expectation of payment:

  • Children with congenital disabilities or scarring from trauma or burns.
  • Children and teens suffering from alopecia areata, areata totalis, and  other forms of hair loss.
  • Adults who had poorly performed hair transplants that most  commonly were performed not by hair specialists but by “for hire”  technicians or overseas in Turkey
  • Adults with significant scarring from military service or domestic  violence

Operation Restore

Operation Restore is the charitable effort of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Through the dedicating of their expertise and services, Dr. Epstein and Dr. Epstein are able to provide free reconstructive hair procedures to those with:

  • Congenital scars
  • Scarring from trauma
  • Deforming appearances the result of prior hair transplants performed  by unqualified hair transplant surgeons many of whom have their  unlicensed technicians perform most if not all of the procedure

Sharing Some Stories