What Questions Should You Ask Your Hair Restoration Surgeon

Before getting a hair transplant, it’s important that you feel comfortable with your doctor and the results he or she can provide. Here’s how you can make the most out of your surgical consultation.

Ask About Board Certifications

Board certification indicates a hair transplant surgeon has had extensive training and is recognized as both reliable and trustworthy.

Don’t hesitate to request to see the surgeon’s credentials or to ask for more information regarding his or her education. If it makes you more comfortable, you can research the school to learn more about its programs and the level of experience it provides to graduates.

Many patients from around the world seek Dr. Epstein’s experience because he is triple board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Ask About Experience

Find out how long the surgeon has been performing hair transplants and the transplant types with which he or she is most familiar. If you’re seeing someone who provides only one particular procedure, ask when they began to specialize and how many transplants they’ve performed, and if these technicians work full-time for that surgeon or if they are technicians for hire on a daily basis who works for lots of different doctors.

The clinic staff assisting the surgeon during the procedure should also be familiar with his or her techniques and have experience with the same types of transplants. Some transplant methods are trickier than others and require an experienced surgical team to ensure good results, especially those in which body hair is used to replace hair on the head.

Dr. Epstein established his private practice in 1994 and has performed over 14,000 surgical procedures — all above the shoulders. Of the 14,000 procedures he’s performed, over 13,000 of them were hair procedures. He is an expert in the FUE hair restoration technique, including the no-shave FUE option that allows patients to be presentable the next day.

He works with a team of 10 highly experienced assistants, most of whom have been with him for years. When you have a hair restoration procedure done with Dr. Epstein and his team, you are working with true experts in the field.

Ask to See Before and After Pictures

Photographic proof of results can lay to rest any concerns you might have about your hair transplant.

Request to see photos of the surgeon’s previous patients before and after their procedures, specifically those who underwent the same type of transplant your surgeon is recommending.

This not only gives you an idea of what kind of results are typical but also provides a visual you can use to compare the work of different surgeons.

Dr. Epstein offers a comprehensive gallery of photos and videos that show impressive before-and-after results for his male and female hair restoration patients.

Ask What to Expect

Discuss the specifics of the transplant procedure with the surgeon to get an idea of what the surgery will be like and the typical length of the recovery time.

Find out if there are any special preparations you need to make before the procedure and how long it usually takes to see results.

You should be comfortable with both the surgeon and the suggested procedure before going forward with hair transplant surgery. Let the answers to your questions guide you in making a decision to ensure you find the best person to perform the surgery.

Dr. Epstein is a facial plastic surgeon devoted to hair restoration who is committed to establishing a strong doctor-patient relationship. This helps to ensure that the patient’s expectations are met and a successful outcome is achieved. Schedule a consultation today to meet Dr. Epstein.

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