The Difference Between Male vs Female Rhinoplasty

Historically women have been more likely to undergo rhinoplasty surgery than men for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons; however, an increasing number of males are now seeking experienced surgeons to perform the procedure on themselves.

The male rhinoplasty is similar in many ways to female rhinoplasty, but the subtle differences are important to account for to achieve your desired outcome.


The basic technique for performing rhinoplasty is just about the same for men and women. During the procedure, Dr. Epstein will make incisions inside the nose and one just underneath before sculpting and working on the cartilage and bone. He may also use your own cartilage grafts to correct structural problems and perform cosmetic reshaping.

In the case of reconstructive surgery, the nose may need to be straightened, or the septum worked on to restore alignment, improve breathing and create a balanced facial appearance.

Desired Results

There are many reasons why both men and women might want to have a rhinoplasty. Most choose it for cosmetic reasons and others need it for reconstructive purposes.

Women are often looking for a more refined nose and a less pronounced appearance overall. A shorter (less projected), narrower nose is often desired, and these are the most common goals achieved during rhinoplasty surgery. Men often prefer a strong profile with prominent lines. and tend to have a more projected nose with a less refined tip and a wider bridge.

Whatever the reason, the results each sex wants are based on personal and cultural perceptions of what makes an attractive nose.

Assuring Success

Every patient has a different idea of how he/she wants the nose to look.  Through the use of computer imaging, patients can be shown the anticipated likely result, which can then be used to alter the surgery in accordance with the patient’s goals.  This helps provide the best results, and realistic expectations.

If you’re considering having a rhinoplasty, Dr. Epstein has extensive experience performing the procedure on both genders. By scheduling a consultation with him, he can gain a better understanding of your specific needs and help provide the outcome you want from your surgery.

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