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Meet Addison

Addison’s Story

Today is the day I always considered “The worst day of my life”, but for 18 years its should of been the day I found out my daughter was a survivor!!! On this day 18 years ago my life stood still and I sat for months thinking your life was over and how was I gonna go on but baby girl you had other plans to show me!! I always worried what life would be like for you… so many thoughts but you have never let your burns define who you are, you never let them hold you back.

When asked if you wanted the chance to have the scars left by the burns removed you PROUDLY stated “NO, they are a part of me and ment to be there and without them I wouldnt be me” this was just 1 of many moments you showed me your strength.

These burn have taken you all over the world doing events and activities and helping others. It has brought the most wonderful people and experiences in our lives from our Children with Hairloss family and Regina Villemure to Dr Jeffrey Epstein, Camp Sesqhanna Burn camp and the nurses who cared for you at Mercy Barb Rawson and MaryLou Reiser and so many others.

You have never allowed anyone to refer to you as a “burn victim ” you always politely say I’m not a victim I’m a “burn SURVIVOR” and smile proudly. Today is your “burniversary” and celebrate it with your head held high. Today I celebrate my SURVIVIOR daughter who in so many ways when I thought I was teaching you, Addison you have been teaching me. God truly blessed me when he made you my daughter!!!

❤❤Today I wear red for you peaches 🍑🍑❤❤

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