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The procedure was handled with great professionalism. I healed almost immediately. Even after a week the recipient area showed very very little sign that anything that happened. Haven’t yet cut my hair to see what the donor site looks like, but just pulling up my long hair it seems to be doing really well. The ultimate proof will be 6 months from now when we see what kind of growth we get. I want to commend dr. Epstein and the staff for developing a really efficient, quality process.

first off- excited to see you guys again… honestly my nose has really perfected and i feel like it really changed my life. i’m in the process of leaving a review —i wrote one with pictures included and it never posted :(—

i have a friend from LA visiting until early January and he’s been wanting to get his nose done too. can you remind me what the process is to get a consultation?

excited to see you both for my next follow up.


I wish there was a higher rating to give this doctor. Dr. Epstein is an excellant surgeon and a true artist with eyebrow transplant. I had an allergic reaction to permanent makeup in my eyebrows that destroyed my brows and the skin surrounding the brow area. I was turned away by many plastic surgeon and told it was not fixable. Finding Dr. Epstein was a blessing for me. He did an eyebrow excision on both of my eyebrows and created new transplanted eyebrows over my scars. My eyebrows look amazing !!!! The results are incredible and far beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this doctor he is simply the best.


Hi Dr. Epstein,

Thank you so much for everything. I am thrilled that you got the entire damaged area out. I truly am. It means more than you know. I’m sure I will be even more thrilled once I can see it.

I hope you have an amazing evening!


Patient had hairline lowering surgery to remove prior placed bad hair transplant.

I must say that i couldnt be happier!!!

I dont regret this at all!!!

Im so happy ,  the changes are so visible,  all my head is full of hear;  i dont think i ever lost any graft, no hair erre lost after the procedure.

Im sorry , right now im a bit busy but later today i will sent a lot of pictures.

Please say hi to all the beautiful and great team you have.

Best regards


Thanks for following up. Everything is looking so great and I am so happy! The hair is growing back wonderfully and naturally. Really thankful for Dr. Epstein and his staff for helping me be more confident with my face. Attached are some photos

Words cannot explain how amazing my experience with Dr. Epstein and his staff was. From the very first consult, I felt so cared for. The staff was so friendly and attentive. Upon arrival, they immediately took me right back into the office. I was able to meet with Dr. Epstein and his anesthesiologist Dr. Rick Gonzalez. They both made me feel so comfortable and knew exactly what I was trying to achieve with my rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Epstein was the first surgeon I had a consult with so I did decide to meet with other surgeons in the area. And with every appointment, I was even more confident that Dr. Epstein was my surgeon. I scheduled my surgery appointment with Danette and she was so incredibly kind. She answered all my questions, calmed my nerves and followed up with Dr. Epstein to figure out a few scheduling conflicts I had. Fast forward to surgery day, I met my surgical nurse Danny and he was an absolute angel. Danny’s compassion and care for his patients is the most comforting thing in the world. He took incredible care of me pre and post-op. Dr. Gonzalez came in before my surgery as well and was so kind. He calmed any last minute nerves and put my IV in with no struggle. He also kept my mom updated via text with the procedure time & how I was doing, which was priceless to her. Finally, Dr. Epstein came in to meet with and he was so confident the morning of my surgery which was such an amazing feeling as a patient. Recovery: I was in absolutely no pain following the procedure. There is a certain discomfort that comes with this surgery but nothing unbearable. I didn’t even need to take any pain medication, just Tylenol for the first three days. 1 week post op: Danny was amazing again. He cleaned my nose, removed the stitches, and removed the cast with no pain. His bedside manner is unparalleled. The best part is I am absolutely in love with my nose. He achieved exactly what I was looking for, my nose just the cuter more refined version. He maintained all of its character but just perfected it. I could not be happier with the results and I cannot stress how special the staff at this office is. I would highly recommend Dr. Epstein to anyone seeking plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. Thank you x a million to this wonderful team of people. I am so grateful for you all! -Allison

All is well…I could not be happier with the decision to use Jeffery
and his office…the procedure has made my ENTIRE scalp look and feels as if I was 22 again
I followed the instructions that Jeffery gave me to the letter…and EVERYTHING the Dr said was
absolutely true…in my opinion, there is NO BETTER office for this procedure on the East Coast

I can’t thank Jeffery enough for his talent and his dedication in providing first class
work…both he and his entire office were VERY polite and professional…

I believe the entire process takes a full 1.5 years to see FULL restoration…
but I would say my scalp is 85% back to the way it should be

I am VERY grateful to Jeffery….please show him this email
I think he will smile..

(if Dr. Epstein would like to use this email for “marketing” proposes he has my permission I would be delighted)

Hi Dr. Epstein,

Everything is very good here. My eyebrows have grown in and they look amazing !

Thank you for your excellent work restoring my eyebrows I am so pleased.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Sincerely, Mary C

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Dr. Epstein – I just wanted to follow up with you from the procedure Tuesday. You, your clinic, and your staff enormously exceeded my already high expectations. Not 3 full days after having the procedure it is unnoticeable outside of the very small scabs on the recipient site which are for the most part covered by other hairs. I even plan on returning to work prior to Thanksgiving even though I’d planned on being out until after the holiday.

A few follow up questions that I wanted to ask:

-I know you mentioned a brand of laser that you recommend. My model is called an iGrow, so let me know if you think I’d be better served by a different brand/model

-My finastride prescription was through my surgeon that did my first procedure. Is this something that you can prescribe for me from FL?

-Looking forward I would like to utilize most or all of my available donor hairs during my younger years. Let me know if you’d be willing to perform another surgery in 6-12 months and if so what your plan would be to provide more coverage further back the scalp.

Again, I wanted to thank you and your team for the world class operation you run at your clinic, and I look forward to staying in touch. Thanks.


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