hey it’s been like 6 days and im SO happy with the results!!! It’s perfectly how I wanted it

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Dr E., everything is fantastic! Slept well with no pain and will come in for hair washing at 11:30 am. Superb job. Thank you and your team. Ron

Patient had revision Hair Transplant.

I am doing great!!  I am VERY happy with the results, especially since it has only been 8 months.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi there! Thanks for checking in, I’m still blown away and catch myself looking at my eyebrows whenever I pass a mirror! You are your entire team are top notch, I got so lucky when I discovered you— thank you a billion times over!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

The  coverage and hairline are like nothing I ever expected.  Incredible first two procedures.
Many thanks to you all.


Patient had 2 FUE procedures.

The photo of the woman at the top of this page is of myself. It was the best thing I ever had done after having gone surgery to remove a malignant melanoma during my pregnancy . I spent 10 years wearing a stick on hair piece of which I slowly got very conscious of wearing. I cannot thank enough all the team involved in changing my quality of life, whoever involved, but it changed my life and I will never look back. Many thanks again. I just wanted to voice my appreciation.

Patient had large scalp scar excised.

I couldn’t be happier with the results… Thank you so much! Planning on coming back in 6 to 9 months for additional FUE. Does that sound like a good timeframe?


Patient had hairline lowering surgery to repair an unaesthetic prior hairline transplant.

I just celebrated my one year anniversary of my procedure and I couldn’t be happier. I know that several women have had the same procedure done because of all of the information I put on instagram documenting my entire journey. Your office has my testimonial on your website, so I’ve had so many women reach out to me from that. One girl (Mini) just had hers done a week or so ago! I have messaged, emailed, and even spoken on the phone to so many different people that have come from your website. I’ve been so happy I could help in that way and give women the education that is missing from this type of procedure!  I’m also really wanting to make a comprehensive video for YouTube soon.

Again, I am SO HAPPY with my results. My new eyebrows have truly been life changing for me. I am incredibly happy I had it done, and I think that Dr. Epstein and staff did a marvelous job!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hi Doc,

I just wanted to again express my gratitude to you and your staff for a great experience yesterday.  Please thank Jose, Amanda, Mercy and Melania for working on me all day without fatigue and for keeping their sense of humor throughout the process.

I had a great night sleep last night (without Ambien) and woke up today with no pain and feeling remarkably well.  And the results look better than I could have hoped for.

Your personal manner is quite calm and reassuring…and professional.  I really felt at ease through the whole process.

Thanks again,

Patient had FUE procedure.

I loveeeee my results thank you so much! You truly changed my life!

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Thank you so much for your patience with me you and your staff are amazing I felt very comfortable thank you for taking the time to tweak my brows to MY desired look. I’m very glad I choose you as my surgeon.

again thanks for everything 😉✌🏽

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Good Morning Doc! I hope you are doing great! Everything is going good here. Easy and relax recovery at home. Reading and watching TV. Thank you very much for your good work! I love it! 👌👍 Have a great day!

Patient had FUE procedure.

So far so good, great experience with Dr. Epstein and his incredible colleagues. Thanks, Peter

Patient had FUE procedure.

I was extremely impressed with everyone I met and obviously hugely impressed with Dr Epstein as well. Thank you so much for all the help during the process. Everything was extremely professional as was the procedure. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Dr. Epstein.  My husband and I are in London.  We recently had dinner  with one of your patients – Christos xx .  His hair looks great!  Delia (from New York Social Diary).

Thank you again for everything.  Your staff was amazing, and so kind.  Really had a great experience overall.  I’m excited to see the results after these brows are all healed up!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Today I removed the bandages. The wound looks good, no swelling or bruising. I applied the ointment as the instructions said.

Thank you for everything. You and your staff are amazing 🥰

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

I want Dr Epstein to see my INCREDIBLE hair growth and results. It is beyond my wildest expectations!!!  After 3 months, it was amazing. It’s now 5 1/2 months. These pics are today.  Dripping wet and then dried.  My hair stylist told me 3 weeks ago words I thought I’d never hear again—-“we really need to thin your hair”.  I had it thinned every month if my life until a few years ago!!!  Thank you all sooo much.  Cathy

Patient with scarring alopecia who underwent fat transfer followed three months later hair grafting.

You guys did a great, great job!  I’m sorry I didn’t have enough hair for my crown, but hairline and eyebrows are awesome.

Please give my best to Dr. Epstein and the team.

Warm regards,

Patient had FUE procedure to scalp and eyebrows.

THANK EVERYONE FOR ME. All staff, nurses were kind and good to me during the procedure. I’m super happy with Dr.’s Epstein excellent work.


Patient had prior hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

I’m loving my decision to visit your clinic more and more with each passing day.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Again your staff is very attentive, professional and courteous ; a plus these days in era of high turnover  in offices .

Be well , any issues I’ll contact you .


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Jeff hope all is well.  I must say im extremely pleased with the results and thankful for your expertise.

Sonny, M.D.

Patient had FUE procedure.

I am so happy with my results and can’t thank Dr. Epstein and the whole team enough! It’s is incredible that I used to have basically no brows at all. Thank you so much! I’m attaching a picture I took in the sun so you can see how much hair growth I have…yay!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Dear Dr. Epstein,
It was a pleasure and a great privilege to visit your practice and be able to learn from you and your team last week. They are so talented as well as kind and pleasant when taking care of patients. It was absolutely enjoyable to spend time with you and with them. Being able to observe your artistry in action has made me even more interested in the field of hair restoration.

Kind regards,

Plastic surgeon who visited my practice.

Doing awesome Jeff. Just landed in NJ. Thanks for doing an awesome job. Great experience!

Patient had beard to scalp procedure.

All went well .  I’m very happy with the outcome.  Dr. Epstein and his staff are amazing .  I greatly appreciated the professionalism and kind care received

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hello Dr. Epstein, loving my results.  Was considering some no shave FUE touch up this year.  Wanted to get your advice.    Thanks!  Michael

Patient had no shave FUE procedure.

Jennifer just got back and looks fantastic! She enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful staff- great experience.
She is looking forward to her new and improved hairline:)

Thank you to you and your staff for taking phenomenal care of her!


Patient’s wife had a hair transplant.

I have been to Dr. Epstein for eyebrow transplant before and love my results! Over a couple procedures, he helped me go from pencil thin/barely there brows to beautiful brows that I actually get compliments on.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Everything is going well. I’ve noticed the new growth taking form. Thank you again for the amazing work!


Patient had beard transplant.

Very happy overall with the results so far. I’m ready to totally free myself from this burden that has been such a negative experience for me (understatement of the century).

Thank you so much for having the keys to free me from this confinement.

Best Regards,

Patient had reparative surgery – excision of donor site scars.

It’s an awesome job. This hair is amazing and you’re the man/brilliant.
I probably have the nicest hairline in the states at this point.
If you need pics for the website let me know, I’d be happy to stop by.

Thank you,

Patient had FUE procedure.

Everything is going well at this point and I’m seeing a lot of regrowth. I’m very happy with the result so far – you and your team do a great job!

Thank you,

I have been recovering very well. You can’t even tell there’s a scar across the top of my hairline. Thank you again to you and your team for such an amazing and seamless experience.

– Eileen

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

All is well and my hair has grown in wonderfully. I’m very happy with it. In fact, I made a referral to Dr. Epstein for a friend of mine who is head of plastic surgery at George Washington Hospital in Washington, DC. (Not for my friend, but for a client of his). I have nothing but great things to say about your office!

Please give Dr.Epstein my best!

Yours truly,


Patient had FUE procedure.

Everything is great! My eyebrows look amazing and I am very happy with them!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I am great. No pain at all. Thank you for taking so much time and care. You are truly the most exceptional doctor I have ever met

Patient had FUE procedure.

thanks again for your artistic expertise to restore my hair. .not a single person, even all the girls in Miami who know the game, can tell  that I had a procedure.
even my mom said, ‘ something is different’ with your hair. I told her, that I use a combo of special creams…

really looks good. thank you.


Patient had FUE procedure.

I’m doing great; my eyebrows are amazing!

Thank you,

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

It’s only been 10 days and I am so amazed by how beautiful my eyebrows look. You are not just a brilliant, and very skilled doctor, but a true artist. I greatly appreciate how open you were to listening to me, and making the changes I requested during the process. Your “bed-side manner” and the friendliness of your entire team were exceptional.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And thank you to the implant team, who did a fantastic job, as well!

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to write and say thank you for the eyebrow and beard restoration procedure that you did for me 1 year ago. And for the support during the healing process. Everyone in your office treated me really well and made me feel at home while I was there. The last 6-8 months have been amazing seeing the full results come in. You may not recall but my hair damage came from trichotillomania which I developed during some extremely stressful times of my life-  and especially with my eyebrows it feels amazing looking in the mirror and seeing the shape of my own face again. I can’t believe how much internal pressure this procedure has relieved and it has allowed me to get back to living my life without the constant internal dialogue questioning my looks.  I’ve even gotten compliments on my eyebrows from people who have no idea the history and you did excellent work restoring the natural shape!

You have my deepest gratitude and appreciation- I’m happy I sought you out, a couple other doctors I spoke with made me nervous about proceeding but you did not.


Patient had eyebrow and beard transplant.

my hair is looking fantastic. That PRP obviously helped as I’ve noticed my shed and his minimal on like my past two surgeries. So far one happy customer and I appreciate you greatly!


Patient had reparative FUE procedure.

I have already had my hairdresser trim the brows twice. They started growing out within four weeks. Absolutely incredible!! **

** Note that this rapid regrowth is not typical!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I just wanted to say that you have an amazing staff!! 🤗 All the ladies in the room, during the procedure, were so nice and friendly. I asked a bunch of questions and they told me all about their side of the process and how you taught them everything. They were very careful not to hurt me, and very comforting and accommodating. Aside from the obvious, it was a very pleasant experience. I would do it again!!! Just kidding. 😂

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

It’s been over a year since our transplant, and I think the results have turned out great! I wanted to find some time to go over the results and get your recommendations/thoughts for the next treatment or next steps to stay proactive.
Thanks again for everything you all have done for us. I can’t thank you enough.



Patient had FUE procedure.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done to myself (and I’ve done a lot lol). Happy holidays!

Thank you,


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

They are growing so beautifully. To say that I’m happy with my results is an understatement. I can’t believe these are my eyebrows. Not only do I feel more confident with fuller brows, I feel and look younger. They were always a huge insecurity for me and I’m so happy that I decided to have this done by you and your incredible staff. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I can’t thank you enough for your great work and your staff. It also means a lot that you checked on me after all this time.

Thank you,

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hi Andrea,
I wanted to follow up with you about my success with my hair coming back! Remember I am a 72 year old female with progressively thinning hair on top. I did the following and now I have so many new hairs coming in!! My hairdresser shared yesterday that there are hundreds of new hairs and I now have what is almost normal on the top of my head.
I have been using Dr. Epstein’s laser light therapy at home

I am so glad to share these improvements! Dr Epstein’s practice is absolutely the Gold Standard for hair loss treatment. I wish you
and your team  a wonderful holiday season.

Patient undergoing medical therapy for hair loss.

Thank you for doing such a great job. In the near future I would like to schedule SMP and possibly additional FUE on the crown area if possible.

Best regards,

Patient had FUE procedure.

I’ve had a 95% of regrowth. I’m very happy with my results. Once again thank you and your staff for making my dreams come true!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Things look really good so far! In fact, it never all fell out and I have had some hair the whole time. There’s growth in all the locations where we did the implants (eyebrows, beard, scalp scar) which now seems to be  thickening.


Pt had eyebrow and beard transplant.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for yesterday!  I told the folks there that when I came in yesterday morning I was still pretty nervous.  I was almost hoping you would tell me that I was not a good candidate and I could go home.  But, what you told me gave me confidence and you gave me the courage to proceed and I can’t thank you enough.  I haven’t even taken one pain pill.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to your staff.  What a fantastic team of professionals!  They took great care of me and I truly appreciate everyone’s care and concern. Roxy helped me along the way too and she even stopped in to say hi yesterday.  I told a few of the ladies this morning and I meant it sincerely with absolute respect to each of them.  When there are that many beautiful woman in the room taking care of me, nothing could go wrong.  Even when I requested some of my favorite songs, a few of them sang along softly with the song.  What more could I ask for?  They made the procedure the best it could possibly be and I am forever grateful for their care.


Patient had fue procedure.

I’m really happy so far at just 4 months out.  I think this might be the first time in years where I haven’t felt like I needed to add any color or pencil to my eyebrows!

Thank you!!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Again, I want to tell you how pleased I have been with your hair restoration work.
Hope to hear all is well with you and have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

Patient had FUE procedure.

You should see my eye brows!! I look like Brooke Shields!! This procedure was beyond incredible. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

The beard for me really was an amazing transformation.  Can’t thank you enough.

Patient had beard transplant.

I love my results you are the best thank you 🙏🏼 ❣️

Patient had hairline lowering /forehead reduction surgery.

The incision looks so so soo good! The hairline is perfect! Thank you so much!

Good Morning,
Allena and I felt so at ease  after meeting up with you guys. She now feels even more secure with her decision to go through with the procedure. Thank you so much as it was wonderful meeting with you both.


17 year old patient for hairline lowering surgery.

Good morning! I just took off the dressing and everything looks amazing so far. Just a question – is the plan that my hair will grow down past / up to the incision line?

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Hair was just washed and everything is great. Thank you for the great procedure you did for me  and your amazing staff.

Patient had FUE procedure.

I’m feeling great and very happy with the surgery. My eyes got much bigger and younger looking I love the shape of the forehead and the new proportions that my face has now. So thanks Doctor Epstein!


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

I was fortunate to undergo an eyebrow hair transplant procedure performed by you and your skilled team in January 2023. I am thrilled to report that I am absolutely delighted with the results, which have continued to improve over the past ten months.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Thank you dr Epstein. I’m so excited for my new brows. I feel even more beautiful.

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I meant to text you today actually to thank you, and to let you know all of your staff are awesome. Strange to say I enjoyed my time there!  Had a great sleep – no pain, no blood etc.   Fly back to Toronto later today.
looking forward to the next number of weeks/months to see how it all nets out.


Patient had no shave FUE procedure.

I went in for a hair washing this am w/Stephanie…am currently sitting in the airport waiting to fly back to BOS.

I am so excited and know the results are going to be great…

Thanks so much for everything…I couldn’t have asked for a better experience


Patient had reparative hair procedure.

I’m doing very well. I removed the dressing this morning. It looks amazing. I love it. Thank you so much Dr Epstein!


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

I was a little worried that hair wouldn’t grow through the hairline but there’s a good density sprouting. 🙂

Dr Epstein did a really remarkable job. When removing the sutures my mom (an MD) commented that it was some neatest stitches she’s seen.

Thank you!!!!
You guys rock.


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Love the forehead! You did an amazing job, thank you so much!


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

I am so happy with my brows. It’s amazing to think that just a little over two years ago I really didn’t have any at all. I can’t thank you and your team enough.


I’m beyond thankful and happy with my results. I know a month ago, I was worried but look at me now. 🤣🤣 Thank you so much to you all for making my dream come true! You guys rock!

Truly yours,


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hi Dr everything is great swelling has gone down and surprisingly no black eyes. I emailed Dannette to say thank you to the whole team everyone was amazing and made my time as comfortable as possible I’m super grateful and happy with the results!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

1 Year later — things look great from this procedure! The front looks very good, and the crown looks much better.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Once again, thank you very much for a wonderful job by you and your team who made sure every hair mattered to create the perfect symmetry/angulation/directions of the hair on the eyebrows.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Out of all the cosmetic procedures I have had, this has been the best experience and best results.

You and your staff are amazing! Thank you for giving the results I wanted!!

Thank you again,


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

No problems at all and no pain.  I just stopped in the office for a wash before I leave for Chicago.

I’m looking forward to telling my friend Alex he was a big wimp complaining about the pain after his procedure.

Thank you again for your excellent work and attention.  I look forward to returning after 10 months to see what additional work can be done.


Patient had FUE procedure.

I am so ecstatic about my results!! I never, ever thought that I would have such nice, real eyebrows! My results thus far have surpassed my expectations!!

That being said, I have so much to say….. I documented my full journey on my instagram (@jillmariemckee) and gave true, real time information about my experience. I also took detailed notes during my recovery. I have had so many women reach out to me, and I’ve been more than happy to share my experience. I just don’t feel like there has been much education about this procedure so I was happy to put myself out there in order to educate others. I think it has been a positive thing!

I absolutely loved the staff at the clinic. Everyone was warm, friendly, and professional. My experience there was nothing but positive. And 6 months post-op, I’m feeling great! My eyebrows look incredible and I’m so very happy I had this done. I truly feel like it has changed my life and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do it and to use Dr. Epstein as my surgeon. I feel really lucky I was able to have it done and I hope that by sharing my experience and results, more women will be encouraged to explore this procedure for themselves.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I would like to express my gratitude for the warm reception I received during my visit to your office last week. Your guidance and expertise were invaluable, and I have since picked up the medication.

Thank you once again for your time and expertise.

Best regards,

Follow up hair transplant questions.

I’m very pleased with the outcome. Very happy with they whole procedure.

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hope all is well. Yes the eyebrows are looking great! Job well done.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I have to say i was ready for a longer post op before seeing growth. But I began seeing new hairs within 6 weeks, I didn’t lose all of the grafts ; maybe ~60%.

I am 4 months in my healing and very happy with the growth.


Patient had FUE procedure.

The scar has healed beautifully, you and your team did a wonderful job and I want to thank all of you. I am very excited for the hair transplant next week! See you all then.


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

I would like your recommendations for a second procedure. Especially since the first procedure has been so successful and you have really made me very happy.
Thank you

Patient had FUE procedure.

Thank you, Dr. Epstein

Very happy. You have a lovely staff and I appreciate your attention to detail and care.

Have a couple of friends I’ll be referring.


Patient had FUE procedure.

I took the bandages off today and absolutely love my results! Thank you again for everything.

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Hello Dr. Epstein! I’m back home and everything is going great. I’m so happy with the results and my loved ones tell me I look great. Thank you so much.

Have a great day!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I learned my lesson doc-  going overseas for a cheap transplant.  There are no words to express my appreciation for you fixing me up.

Patient had reparative hair procedure.

I can’t help but to be so pleased when I look at my hairline and eyebrows.  I am blown away every time I look at my hairline and eyebrows. Thanks to you and your team I no longer have to hide my hairline and I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows.
With great thanks,


Patient had eyebrow transplant and hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Dr. E is MY HERO!
Thanks so much. You are a master of forehead lowering.


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

It went beyond smoothly and i could not be happier My experience with Dr Epstein & his entire team (anesthesiologist, nurses, coordinators) was a 10/10. It went beyond smoothly and i could not be happier. 🙂 thank you for making my hairline lowering dreams come true


Patient had hairline lowering /forehead reduction surgery.

I think you are underestimating how well the procedure went and how good you are. After the next procedure in February I will have more hair than when I was 30. Lol.
Cannot thank you enough.



Patient had FUE procedure.

The hair has really started to come in! I am very happy with the change, less than 6 months out and the transplanted hairs are doing their thing. It’s exciting that it’s permanent!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Everything has been going very well. Many of the hairs did not fall out following the procedure, and have continued to grow. I’ve noticed some new growth as well. A lot of patients have been telling me that they like my “new haircut.”

Dr. Ryan

Patient had FUE procedure.

Been doing amazing. Certainly the best choice I’ve ever made.

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Hi Jeff. Hope all is going great.
I have great results from last procedure. I believe you transferred about 100 hairs from scalp to chest and took beard (forget how many to scalp) Love the results.

Patient had beard to scalp revision hair transplant and scalp to chest hair transplant.

Thank you so much🩷  ITS PERFECT!!!!


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Doing great – thanks for the text. Hair wash today was magical! No need for any pain medicine. Following protocol. 👍🏻 Thank everyone who worked a long day for me – you have a great team!

Patient had FUE hair transplant.

Can’t wait to see when it’s all healed up! 🥰 thank you so much.
You all made it such a breeze. Truly appreciated 🙏🏻

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help Dannette!!! Please thank Roxy, Fatima, Cindy, Diana, Monica y Richard for me too 😊 y Dr E also lolol.

you all were so wonderful from start to finish and SO efficient with the communication and paperwork. Made everything so easy!! Thank you so much!! Bless you all and have a wonderful Wednesday 🥰

-Dr. Allison

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Your teaching in hair has been extremely important – the young doctors who have spent time with you reported that it was extremely valuable both in learning hair restoration and benefitting from your unique mentorship.  I hope that your incredibly generous contribution to fellow education can be acknowledged and will continue.
thank you

Testimonial from Dr. Mark Glasgold a facial plastic surgeon in NJ

Thank you for everything Dr Epstein! You and your team were outstanding, top notch. I couldn’t believe how smooth that whole process was. 🙏

Patient had reparative hair transplant.

Hey Dr. E, my hair is looking great. Not all of the hairs fell out so they have continued to grow. Look forward to planning a second procedure but very happy so far.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Everything is fine, zero pain/bleeding.
In the light of day I can see you achieved quite a bit of coverage, I’m sure the result will be very pleasing. The beard donor site looks presentable already.
I was assured of your surgical and artistic skills in advance by Dr D, but your staff augment the overall experience greatly. They were all skilled, worked well together, patient oriented, kept a pleasant demeanour through a 12 hr treatment. Kudos to each of them and to you for ensuring your team gives their best for the patient.
I’ll definitely post comments soon and follow up within the year.

Patient had FUE from scalp and beard.

isaac is so happy he was crying tears of joy yesterday … Dr epstein is such a special person and the whole team also … I will recommend the Dr to many of my friends in the world who desperately need help with the hair


Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Thank you, Dr. Epstein – it’s brilliant work and I appreciate you.


Patient had revision FUE hair transplant.

The hair looks awesome

Thank you


Patient had FUE procedure.

I want to emphasize again how pleased I am with my hair procedure. All went smoothly and comfortably.
You gave me a wonderful reference with Dr. Andrew Jacono for my facelift. Very pleased.

Thanks again! Russ

Patient had FUE hair transplant.

My experience with Dr. Epstein and his team was great! I had surgical hairline advancement surgery done. My surgery was done on a Friday and I stayed in the area until Monday in case of any complications. So far no complications and everything is looking wonderful! I am very happy with the results so far…scarring is minimal! I barely see the fine line that was made to advance everything. The full regrow process will likely take a few more months. The results are amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Epstein and team!


Patient had forehead reduction surgery.

Dr. Epstein:

I hope you are doing great.  It’s been about a year from my last procedure and I have gotten great results – pic below.

I wanted to inquire about the possibility of one more procedure for density improvement in the front-middle area of my head that is still a bit thin (improved a lot)


Patient had FUE procedure.

Good morning Dr. Epstein. I am doing good and I came back home without any discomfort at all. I was expecting to have a lot of pain, but not at all. Thank you! This procedure was really great. Thank you and your staff.

Patient had hairline lowering forehead reduction surgery.

Dear Dr. Epstein. Sending you a picture of Melania a couple of months after her surgery. She has regained her confidence, self esteem, and will be forever thankful for the excellent work you did. She looks fantastic and she could not have chosen a better doctor.

Patient had hairline lowering forehead reduction surgery.

Hi Roxy,

Dr. Epstein has done an amazing job giving me eyebrows again and I am so grateful

With gratitude,


P.S. My husband Jon’s hair looks AMAZING! You guys are just the best! 😍🙏

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hi Dr. Epstein. Thank you so much for the good care from you and your staff. What a great team you have! Take care.

Patent had eyebrow transplant.

Hi!!!! I had my procedure at the end of March. Absolutely loving my results. Life-changing!!!!!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Good morning doctor, everything is excellent. I had a night without any pain or discomfort. I will stop by the office later for my cleaning.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for everything. It was a truly fantastic experience, from your professionalism and  care to the attention and warmth of your entire team.

Patient had FUE procedure.

I am writing this as a sincere message of thanks and appreciation! I had my forehead reduction surgery in May of 2021 with Dr. Epstein, which completely changed my life!
I am more confident than ever, and I have accomplished things and put myself out there like never before. I remember researching for about two years before I underwent surgery, and I am more than grateful my research led me to Dr. Epstein.
In the fall, I will apply to law school, and I can give nothing but my extreme gratitude to Dr. Epstein for giving an insecure eighteen-year-old the face she had always envisioned but never thought possible!
Please relate this message to Dr. Epstein because he is a certified expert and deserves to know the impact his unparalleled skill set has accomplished! I had no complications after surgery, and the results that came from it were only something I envisioned and thought possible in my wildest dreams!
I would also be happy to send any before and afters because any person feeling insecure about their forehead deserves to live a life full of confidence!

Thank you a million times over!


Patient had forehead reduction/hairline lowering surgery.

Remarkably good growth a bit 4 months post op.  Just wanted to send an update and say Thank You,


Male to female gender reaffirmation patient just 4 months out from large transplant procedure.

Dr. Epstein is a Professional That Treats His Patients Like Diamonds. Outstanding Doctor and staff. Very calm and very professional. A perfectionist. I would highly recommend Dr. Epstein for anything involving lowering the hairline and hair grafting. You will be pleased.


Patient had hairline lowering then FUE hair transplant.

I’m so happy with my results so far. Life changing to say the least.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

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