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Happy New Year!!!

Yes, both Steve and I are thoroughly happy with the results of your work!! Such a huge difference and yet so natural. Thank you again soooooo much

X Stef, Eyebrow Transplant

Hi Dr. Epstein,

I LOVE my hairline and for the first time in my life, I love the wind!  Here’s some pics.  The first two are a couple months old – October.

Thank you so much.



Now that my hair is coming back in, I have to say that you did a remarkable job.  Everything flows perfectly and looks natural.  I am very pleased.  Gold Star!!!  If I ever feel that I need more I will be returning to you!  I am very pleased.  It looks amazing.  I haven’t had this much hair on my crown since I was in my late twenties!  I feel so good.  It’s like I good boob job for a man or something!  I am so happy and I’m sure there are still more to come!!  The extractions on the left side were an 11 out of 10 and rights side a 10 out of 10.

You are an artiste!!

Hey Roxy

Thanks for reaching out
Yes, I had a text the following day post procedure and a call today from the office
And thanks to you and Doctor E for a thoroughly easy procedure – what a difference 8 yrs makes.  Last time around i was moping around like a stray sloth for a week but hey, I’m just back from several days of heli-skiing and scuba diving ….  ( not really …. ) – but all good, and thanks !
i have  dozens of thinning friends who i can nudge your way – and v happy to do so
And thanks again to the entire team who were all super friendly, it really makes a difference and they were all great.
Thanks !

And Happy Holidays to all
Best Wishes

Hi Dr. Epstein, I am great, no pain, no swelling. Thanks a lot for the surgery. You and your  team are the best. I will see you in about 2 months for the second surgery.


Thanks again for everything today. You and your staff really are top of the line. Looking forward to seeing the final results.


Hi Doc !  My dog hasn’t left my side !  But in fact I feel just fine.  No need for the drugs, slept fine and all good.  Thanks so much again for a very easy procedure.  Your team are great and apologies to them as I sang along to Sirius coffee house less than tunefully 🤪.  Big thanks and happy holidays.  Rob

Thank you, Danette. Please extend to Dr Epstein my sincerest thanks for his wonderful work, I am beyond ecstatic with the results even at this early stage, it looks so me and natural but a much fresher version❤️. Also big hug and thank you to Cindy for such caring work and a good dose of giggles😁

Hi Roxy,
I hope all is well. I didn’t get to see you yesterday to give you a hug and kiss. I hope to see you Tuesday on my follow up appointment. I also wanted to rave about Richard the CRNA he is a godsend and has the bedside manner of an angel he is the first person to starr my iv with such precision, little discomfort,  administer anesthesia and actually track my progression and even check up on me after the fact. I was alert 15 minutes after the procedure and experienced none of the complications i have in the hands of other anesthesiologist.
Dr E was his super sweet self. I always feel like im in the best of hands when im in his presence. The woman who checked me in the morning was so kind and so was my beautiful  post op nurse. Cindy brought me so much lovings 😍
I just can’t begin to thank the office enough for taking such tender care of me, and for making me feel like part of the family.
I am so appreciative for the warmth, concern, and kindness.
I cant wait to see you all next Tuesday.

Hi Dr. E., Roxie, and all my Friends,

Just wanted to wish you all a most happy Thanksgiving and an enjoyable holiday!  All is going well here, i’ll try to send some follow-up pics shortly, but the redness in the implant sites is pretty  much going away, and the little implants all look great. They actually started growing and are about twice as long now as when we implatend them, they haven’t fallen out yet.  But i’m eagerly waiting for them to take off and start growing, that will be a banner day when that starts!.

Many thanks again for everything,and i hope you all will have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday!  Say Hi to all the staff for me!

All my best of wishes,


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