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Hi Roxy,
I hope all is well. I didn’t get to see you yesterday to give you a hug and kiss. I hope to see you Tuesday on my follow up appointment. I also wanted to rave about Richard the CRNA he is a godsend and has the bedside manner of an angel he is the first person to starr my iv with such precision, little discomfort,  administer anesthesia and actually track my progression and even check up on me after the fact. I was alert 15 minutes after the procedure and experienced none of the complications i have in the hands of other anesthesiologist.
Dr E was his super sweet self. I always feel like im in the best of hands when im in his presence. The woman who checked me in the morning was so kind and so was my beautiful  post op nurse. Cindy brought me so much lovings 😍
I just can’t begin to thank the office enough for taking such tender care of me, and for making me feel like part of the family.
I am so appreciative for the warmth, concern, and kindness.
I cant wait to see you all next Tuesday.

Hi Dr. E., Roxie, and all my Friends,

Just wanted to wish you all a most happy Thanksgiving and an enjoyable holiday!  All is going well here, i’ll try to send some follow-up pics shortly, but the redness in the implant sites is pretty  much going away, and the little implants all look great. They actually started growing and are about twice as long now as when we implatend them, they haven’t fallen out yet.  But i’m eagerly waiting for them to take off and start growing, that will be a banner day when that starts!.

Many thanks again for everything,and i hope you all will have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday!  Say Hi to all the staff for me!

All my best of wishes,


Thank you so much, Dr. Epstein! My forehead and both eyebrows look amazing thanks to your gifted hands! I truly appreciate all you and your staff have done for me. You have all been so sweet and responsive and I couldn’t of asked for a better doctor! I hope you have a happy thanksgiving! I will be referring everyone I know and I myself may have to return for work in the future. For now I am very satisfied and truly thankful.

Attached is day two post. looks amazing already!

Love, your most appreciative patient,

Liz <3

Hi Dr. Epstein,

Yesterday i was a little bit “out” after the procedure and felt i didnt thank u enough.
So i wanted to say thank u again, and I’m so glad i followed my intuition and chose u to take care of me.
I felt very safe and that u realy care for me and i think that is the first important thing in being a doctor and a human being:)
So thank u again from the bottom of my heart. I was looking for u before i left yesterday to give u a big hug but couldnt find u, so i’m sending one now.
Please send my deep thanks to all the amaizing girls that took care of me, jacki, kari, linda, viki and Dannete.
Will send u my photos in a few monthes from now.
Happy thanks giving❤❤

This is me at 6 months — already your one-time procedure has given more yield than my previous three eyebrow procedures combined. Dr. Bryan Ambro (Annapolis) said before I consulted you: “See Dr. Epstein, or no one.” You are the very best. I can’t wait to see results at 10-12 months — but you’ve already given me my life back. Thank you! -Patrick

I had a world class experience with Dr Epstein and his wonderful staff. I was incredibly nervous to see Dr Epstein for a FUE procedure, but his welcoming staff made me feel right at home. Danette fielded all of my questions and concerns with ease. Andrea lead a wonderful team of technicians for my procedure. And Dr Epstein was kind, understanding, and responsive from start to finish. While this level of care was to be expected, I was blown away by the car from the nurses, technicians, surgical assistants, and entire team that made a highly nervous situation into one that made me feel valued and cared for throughout. It has now been one month since my FUE procedure, and I could not be happier with the results, care, or service that I have received from Dr Epstein and his entire team. Thanks for everything!

Dear Dr. Epstein,

You truly are a miracle man it has to be said. I could’nt be happier with the work you did for me previously.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


I just wanted to thank you so much for the procedure today.  I come from a family of doctors and have personally been in the hospitality business for a long time and was blown away by how at ease you AND your staff made me feel from 5 months ago to discharge today.  Well done on putting together such a great team.

I know I will be totally satisfied with the results and just looking forward to having the hair grow back in!!!!

Hi Roxy!

Many thanks for your note, and my apologies for getting back to you late, i had finally gotten back home way late Friday night, weather-related flight delays, and then i just sorta conked out yesterday, Saturday, but i wanted to be sure to get back to you!  I can’t thank you and Dr. E. and your entire staff enough for the most amazing experience with you all last Thursday! Dr. E. is just terrific as a surgeon and as a person, and i’ll forever be grateful to him for working with me on what i have wanted for so long now.  Jose was just outstanding, and i was glad to say hello to Susie too, what an outstanding team!

So far, i’m doing great, i’m almost done with the ATP solution and am still using that as directed.  I was exceedingly careful at the airports and on the plane to make sure that no grafts were dislodged.  I’ll take pictures periodically too, and send them along, if you’d like.  Wish i was closer to you, but thank you for keeping tabs on me, that would be great and if i have any questions, i’ll be sure to send you and Dr. E. a note too.

My deep thanks again, and please say Hello to Dr. E. for me!  You all are amazing!

All best of wishes and hugs,


P.S.  I think i mentioned this, but i  wanted to let you all know, that as an actor, i have a great profile on the internet movie database, IMDb, please check it out!  Each time someone looks at it, it counts toward my Starmeter ranking…  🙂 You’ll see that i’m credited with 44 films and TV projects so far, it’s been great!

Hi Dr Epstein!
I hope you’re doing well. It’s been 11 days since the transplant and I’m feeling great! Donor site is great. No inflammation, just some minor itching due to the dry skin and healing process I’m sure.

I finally washed my face (from a 10 day dry -no water, no washing) wait period recommendation  from one of your nurses. All of the dead skin, blood and crusts washed off beautifully. I took these pictures this morning for you so you could see. Let me know what you think!

J know the entire healing process is months down the road, however- this has been the most amazing 11 days ever (for my self esteem). I can not begin to tell you what this has done for me.

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!

Kindest regards
Katherine L

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