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Hi Roxy,

All is good, thank you for checking up on me. In regards to the results, I’m loving it! It made a world of difference. My hair looks thicker as long as I don’t put too much hair gel.

*Patient had FUE hair transplant.

Hi Dr Ep,

Very good to hear from you, in fact I was just going to email you!

Yes, of course, I would be honoured to speak to another male patient for you and tell him all about how amazing the results are. You are top of your game and I would be happy to help!

As you will see the operation has been a complete success this time! I think the fact we did those blood injections PRP (I cannot remember if that is the correct term?) is what really made the difference.

In any case, in order to fully reach my goal of doing away with needing any brow filling products whatsoever in the morning, I would like to arrange a top-up session next year please, sometime in April-May 2018 time. You have created the perfect shape for me, I would just like you to please put a few more hairs in there so that they are darker and thicker all around. I hope that is a good time to come?

Hoping you are well! 🙂

Best regards,


Hi Dr. Epstein-

I was intrigued by your casual, confident approach when we met. As you know I’m conservative with my procedures and face- ha. You know what you’re doing though, huh? I am so happy with my results and everyone here is blown away by your stitching skills. Not a hint of a scar and it healed so fast- within a week! Shocked and so impressed 😉

I’m emailing Roxy for brow appt right now.

Hope Prague was wonderful!

See you soon-

*Patient had upper lip lift.

I am taking daily progress pics and intend to journal my experience on Realself.com. You and your staff were an 11 on a scale of 1-10. I don’t know how to tell you how impressed I was with one of your assistants (forgive me if that’s not the right term for her role) who kept rubbing my arm when I would get a shot or something uncomfortable. I guess I just am not used to that level of compassion from a healthcare provider of any sort – but as a middle-aged man getting a cosmetic procedure, I felt cared for – it was really a pleasant surprise.

I am very optimistic that my results are going to live up to my expectations. I’ve had a vision for this in my mind for well over a year now and I can finally see it. I am very happy already and I am going to make sure you reap the benefits of a stellar review on realself.

Thanks again!!

*Patient had beard transplant with No-Shave technique


I just wanted to share my results and thank you all once again.(see attached snaps)

My experience at the clinic was very heart warming. I was taken care of and the staff was nothing short of professional and compassionate. From my initial consult via phone with Ananth to Dr Epstein taking time to explain the problem and solution to my hair loss as well and the nurses and especially Cindy.

I don’t have to tell you the importance hair has on the psyche; with your help, I feel more confident forging ahead and with time I hope the hair will fill up or I just come see you all again.

In all sincerity.Thank you


*African-American patient had hair transplant.

Hi Roxy,

Its Michelle.  Hope all is well! I had my eyebrow transplant surgery last September on the 16th.  Things have been going really well, I love my eyebrows they look awesome.  I’m very pleased.  I have a couple of questions and I wanted to schedule a follow up appointment with Dr Epstein.  I think I was told previously I’m suppose to wait approximately one year.  So I would like to schedule it for sometime when I’m off either this month or next.  Let me know what works out best.

Best regards,

*Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Ok Dr Jeffery Epstein
I can not tell u or express how much I think you are the most talented man in your field.
You have blown me away
I can not thank you enough for the
Magnificent work you have done on my face and you know I am the pickiest motherfucker out there!!!!
You are a genus Jeff … really !
I put my trust in you and you know how vain I am… and you out did yourself …. You impress me so much and I am so grateful for you and your incredible work.
You have no idea how scared I was letting someone work on my face and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you so much for everything and thank you for making me happy Very happy. Your work is perfection Jeff.
I can’t thank you enough!
I hope your having a great time off
And am sorry to bother you but I had to let you know my deep gratitude for your work.

*Patient had beard transplant.

Doctor Epstein i just really want to thank you so much for your miracle hands thank you so much for helping me with a life long insecurity i feel like a new person . The incision is barely noticeable already and the sutures aren’t event off yet   can’t wait to get a hair cut and get a line up….I’m planing on going to new york on Monday to remove the sutures..please let me know if Monday is good for me to head down there .. all this traveling has also been great .. thank you  .. please don’t ever retire 😬


*Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Hi Doctor Epstein
Thank you for checking in.

Hope you are doing great.

I want to thank your team for such an amazing experience yesterday. Everyone was incredibly kind and pleasant. As I entered the operating room the energy was so positive. I felt like I was in a movie. They seemed to enjoy their work and made me feel more at ease than I expected.


Hello Dr. Epstein, Roxy:

I have consulted with a number of doctors about FFS, my overall experience with your practice has been the best among the group.

Thanks Much,

*Transitioning patient for MTF surgery.

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