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Testimonials & REVIEWS

Our results have continued to hold up great and I am incredibly satisfied with your work.

Brian & Sarah

Anyway, I LOVE my eyebrows. They have really made me so much happier with how I look and I couldn’t be more pleased to have made the decision to go ahead with the procedure in 2016.

In fact, since getting them done I have not only have I passed my doctorate, I have also got engaged! I can’t attribute it all entirely to the transplant but I’m sure the added confidence boost helped!

All best wishes to you, Dr. Epstein and the team.


Recovery went excellent, I was 100% comfortable and presentable by day 8.

To be completely honest, I am so pleased by the procedure I am interested in potentially coming back to further increase density at an appropriate interval from my initial procedure.


*Patient had Beard Transplant.

Hello Dr. Epstein hope that you and your family are well. I wanted to let you know that I made it back home safe and I’m healing up well. Again I can’t express how thankful I am to you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable and loved. Looking forward to my next appointment February till then take care and be safe.


*Patient had Lip Sculpting.

Here you go! No makeup on the eyebrows & I trimmed them today a little more than usual.

Will try to send more after I’ve freshened up. Just took my dogs for a walk.

I am very pleased with the results & am very glad to not be drawing in eyebrows.



*Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Dr. Jeff Epstein, I’m doing great see you at 2:00pm. After the hair grows out want to do it again to reinforce the areas. You have an amazing staff a VIP service. So glad we could use the back shoulders for the transplants.


*Patient underwent 1200 beard and back hairs to the scalp.

Dear Dr. Epstein,
Please find attached a follow-up at month 3.

After I’ve lost most of the hair I’m now experiencing re-growth. The procedure left zero scars and it looks 100% natural. I’m still very happy with my decision.


*Patient from Germany underwent beard transplant.

Ok Dr Jeffery Epstein

I can not tell u or express how much I think you are the most talented man in your field.
You have blown me away.

I can not thank you enough for the Magnificent work you have done on my face and you know I am the pickiest motherfucker out there!!!!
You are a genus Jeff … really !

I put my trust in you and you know how vain I am… and you out did yourself …. You impress me so much and I am so grateful for you and your incredible work.

You have no idea how scared I was letting someone work on my face and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for everything and thank you for making me happy Very happy. Your work is perfection Jeff.

I can’t thank you enough!

I hope your having a great time off

And am sorry to bother you but I had to let you know my deep gratitude for your work.


*Patient had full facelift and quad blepharoplasty.

Hello Roxy and Dr Epstein, I hope you’re well. I’ve been meaning to send you an update on my eyebrows which are looking pretty great in my opinion. There are a couple of spots where I’d like to see a little more growth but overall I’m extremely happy.

Anyway, I love my eyebrows-so thank you!

T. S.

Hi Dan,

I hope you are doing well.

I just wanted to check in with you before I leave Miami, and to say that I had a great follow up eyebrow procedure on Wednesday. It was nice to see Doc E and his team again, and it was a great experience. Everybody was very kind and helpful and I enjoyed the procedure. Knowing what to expect (having had the first procedure) made it much easier and more relaxing…and my eyebrows look great! I also had very minimal swelling/bruising compared to the first time, I am sure the medication that I took helped.

Doc E. suggested that I send him some photos to review when the new grafts grow in – I guess in about 9 months or so time, which I will do.

While not something immediate, I also mentioned that my eyelids are starting to “droop”. Doc E. said that he would be able to do an upper blepharoplasty procedure in the future if this became more problematic.

Thanks and warm regards,


*Patient from Dubai, had eyebrow transplant.

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