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Testimonials & REVIEWS

I have had NO PAIN what so ever…since the procedure…consequently I will NOT need or use the Dr. Epsteins prescriptions…..I mentioned to Jeffery how impressed I was with the ENTIRE office…and with himself as well…the man is BRILLIANT….i am waiting util tonight to wash my hair GENTLY…i Wanted to give the scalp and the entire procedure a rest….Thank you so much for checking in with me…as I said above…you guys are fantatstic…and I am very at ease and looking forward to great results.

again thank you to all of you..


*Patient had FUE procedure.

I contacted a total of seven plastic surgeons regarding a revision ethnic rhinoplasty before I found Dr. Epstein. I’m only four months out from my procedure and my results are as good or better than the results I saw the videos. I can’t say enough about my experience. In person, Dr. Epstein is just as fabulous as he is in his videos. He’s friendly and knowledgeable and has a unique ability to make people feel completely comfortable when they’re around him.

I’m 73-years old and have been steadily losing my hair for a long time. I approached my plastic surgeon regarding my condition and he actually referred me to Dr. Epstein. “He’s simply the best,” are the exact words my plastic surgeon used to describe Dr. Epstein. My results are exactly what I wanted: I have a lot more hair on the top of my head, I can comb my hair back, and my face looks much better

Jeffrey, you have done a great job!

You know the best doctors always come with a hefty price tag but hey you get what you pay for. One would assume that a high profile doctor with a high price tag would have the best office staff and greatest bedside manner. I can tell you that what Dr. Epstein and you guys at his office give to your patients no amount of money can match! The honesty, friendliness, hospitality and the following up with your patients is everything a doctor and his staff should be. You guys are amazing.


Our results have continued to hold up great and I am incredibly satisfied with your work.

Brian & Sarah

Anyway, I LOVE my eyebrows. They have really made me so much happier with how I look and I couldn’t be more pleased to have made the decision to go ahead with the procedure in 2016.

In fact, since getting them done I have not only have I passed my doctorate, I have also got engaged! I can’t attribute it all entirely to the transplant but I’m sure the added confidence boost helped!

All best wishes to you, Dr. Epstein and the team.


Recovery went excellent, I was 100% comfortable and presentable by day 8.

To be completely honest, I am so pleased by the procedure I am interested in potentially coming back to further increase density at an appropriate interval from my initial procedure.


*Patient had Beard Transplant.

Hello Dr. Epstein hope that you and your family are well. I wanted to let you know that I made it back home safe and I’m healing up well. Again I can’t express how thankful I am to you and your staff for making me feel so comfortable and loved. Looking forward to my next appointment February till then take care and be safe.


*Patient had Lip Sculpting.

Here you go! No makeup on the eyebrows & I trimmed them today a little more than usual.

Will try to send more after I’ve freshened up. Just took my dogs for a walk.

I am very pleased with the results & am very glad to not be drawing in eyebrows.



*Patient had eyebrow transplant.

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