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Testimonials & REVIEWS

I have been sharing my positive experience with close friends and family, and I am extremely happy with the results!
Dr. Epstein and his entire staff were great and I am so excited that I can roll out of bed and not have to worry about the appearance of my browns and make-up now….I am looking forward to seeing the final results over the next few months!
On a side note, I would also be happy to write a review sharing my positive experience with others. If you could please send a link/directions on how to do so, that would be great.

Andrea J

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hi Doc,

They really do look great and I’m very happy that I had this done. It’s a night and day difference and to be completely honest, it’s been a bit of a confidence booster.

Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate it.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Dr. Epstein,

I’ve gotten home and surveyed the grafts for a bit and think they look great. Will certainly circle back in the future if I have any needs, but am very pleased with where we ended up. Appreciate you and your team.


Patient had beard transplant.

I’m VERY happy with the result.  What a difference.  I now love looking at myself in the mirror when I first get up in the morning to seethe difference. Thank you!!


Patient had FUE procedure.

I had a procedure in November of 2018 I believe and am thrilled with the results. I would like to discuss a BHT procedure to deal with the crown.

Hi Jeff, it was a great to surprise to run into you last Saturday at Joes. Cherie and I were in Miami to play some golf and celebrate a friends 50th birthday. We are thrilled with how my last transplant has filled out and I just may be vain enough to fill it in even more if you think it appropriately doable. My hairdresser with 35 years experience says it’s the best work she has ever seen!

With warmest regards, Paul

Patient had FUE procedure.

Couldn’t be happier. Thanks!


Patient had FUE procedure.

Took the bandage off, love your work and looking forward to the healing.


Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Thank you! Feeling beautiful

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Thanks to you and your team today for your professionalism, patience and a very smooth procedure!…

I really appreciate everything.

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

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