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I chose Dr. Jeffrey Epstein for a myriad of reasons, mostly because of his outstanding credentials and accolades, and it was the best decision I ever made. I underwent a dual procedure to lower my hairline and fix my nose. I I was expecting the results to be great, but great feels like a gross understatement that does not do them justice. My results are perfect, his work is flawless. Every trip to the office, from the first consultation, through procedure-day, to the post-surgical checkups were all five-star experiences. I was nervous the morning of the surgery but the anesthesiologist, Dr. Rick Gonzalez, put me at ease even before administering anything. Dr. Epstein arrived and his enthusiasm and excitement to get started was undeniable and erased every ounce of anxiety I had left. Andrea and Cindy cared for me after the procedure, and during my post-surgical checkups, respectively; both are absolute gems. The facility is welcoming and comfortable, and the entire staff is well trained and very friendly. You will not find a better facility or receive better results than at the office of Dr. Jeffrey Epstein.

Doing well, thanks. Almost all of the crusts have fallen off and almost no pain, just a little sore in my face. I am very pleased with the procedure and how it was handled. I seem to recall that the use of Rogaine foam was recommended, when should I start using it?

I also wanted to express my thanks to the team that worked with me especially Linda, Rick and Dr Epstein for making my experience a pleasant one and I will be sure to recommend to anyone considering BHT. I also may be back in a year or so to do a 500-750 “touch up”

Best regards to all the members of Dr Epstein’s team,



You are the best doctor I have ever met. You are.

Happy New Year and the best to you and your wife.

Absolutely, I will be waiting to hear back from Roxy.


You are the best,


Dr Epstein
Everything is perfect
I was there this morning to wash my hair and it is looking great Thank you and your excellent team for the patience and the all care you all took of me during the procedure Best regards Dick C

Dr. Epstein and the team continue to amaze me. The job done for my beard has changed my self image and made me feel completely different than I ever could have imagined. I will one day be able to widen the chinstrap beard that you guys gifted me with. I hope you have been able to reach several men or women who were like myself and thought it could never be fixed or grown!!

Thank you guys so so much I hope to have you do more work soon one day

I just wanted to say that I am very happy I did this. I feel like I wasted a lot of time worrying unnecessarily. Healing has gone smoothly so far. Getting rid of all the scarring and bad grafts is a dream come true. The size of the forehead is perfect. The shape is great. The sides are rounded. The scar seems like it’s doing well overall. Virtually painless surgery. No nerve tingling. No hair loss so far.

I’ll see you on Friday. Thank you so much for fixing me and making me look normal again! I am grateful.

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery to advance her hairline and allow for the removal of prior placed unaesthetic hairline grafts that were done elsewhere.

You and your staff provided EXCELLENT service. You all eased my nerves. You and your staff are VERY caring and friendly. I LOVE your attitude, your honesty and sense of humor. I have two friends that wants this procedure done. They want to see mine first. I’ve definitely referred them to you. Thanks So Much‼️

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

I love how the lip turned out and I’m so happy with the nostrils You are so talented Thank you again!

The procedure was handled with great professionalism. I healed almost immediately. Even after a week the recipient area showed very very little sign that anything that happened. Haven’t yet cut my hair to see what the donor site looks like, but just pulling up my long hair it seems to be doing really well. The ultimate proof will be 6 months from now when we see what kind of growth we get. I want to commend dr. Epstein and the staff for developing a really efficient, quality process.

first off- excited to see you guys again… honestly my nose has really perfected and i feel like it really changed my life. i’m in the process of leaving a review —i wrote one with pictures included and it never posted :(—

i have a friend from LA visiting until early January and he’s been wanting to get his nose done too. can you remind me what the process is to get a consultation?

excited to see you both for my next follow up.


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