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Things are great dr. Epstein seems like everytime I go there the procedure gets a little easier and a little better all the blood is off my neck and you can barely see anything. I have minimal discomfort. Thank you to you and your staff you guys do a great job I’m looking forward to seeing the results

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I’m doing great….!!!
You are truly an artist Dr. Epstein.
I love the results, and I have absolutely no pain.

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I’m extremely pleased with the result. In fact I have was discussing it with my hair stylist who had also had a procedure done locally I. Houston where I reside. Long story short my result with the ~1100 grafts exceeded his and he’d had ~2500 plus. He was shocked while cutting my hair, and comparing it to the procedure he’d had done.


Dr. Epstein did a fantastic job.


Best regards,


Thanx …recuperating without incident… and NO pain meds required at all.
Last night I counted each and every graft in the mirror…but I only got 3,547 !! 😳

Thanx for the professionalism of all concerned with the procedure, and please feel free to personally give them my appreciation and regards. I hope they enjoyed me half as much as I enjoyed them!

I clearly plan to refer all my patients thinking of hair-loss procedure to Jeff.

Interestingly, my brother , a retired Obstetrician (also curiously enough named “Jeff”) will be calling your office within the next month or two . You won’t get us confused ..because I am younger and MUCH cuter ….and of course more modest .

Thx again for your beauty and good demeanor…and now let’s hope for good things to “crop up” over the next 10 months. I am the “Toppik-King” of Miami…so I’m anxiously looking to see their sales drop precipitously as I desist from use thereof.

We’ll be in touch.


Dr I’m so HAPPY w/the results & I’m confident it will get even better. U did a FANTASTIC JOB & I’m happy 2 provide any testimonials U want. I’m literally thrilled beyond belief!!!😎🙏😀

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Good evening Ted, hope this notes finds the legend well 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for connecting me with Roxy & Jeffrey, because my experience was absolutely amazing ( red carpet style 🙂) The office personal and lab staff were kind diligent professionals, & very funny, I really enjoyed being a patient their. It’s obvious that Doctor Jeffery is such a great manger / leader / doctor , because everyone I met there shared his level of kindness , diligence, patience & positive energy. I’m bless to have been a patient, thanks Jeffrey and Aunty Roxy 🙂 It’s looking great 👍🏼


Hi Dr. Epstein I hope you are well!  My brows and lashes are doing great!!!!
Thank you!


Hi Dr. Epstein…
Thanks for the note.
Like seeds in a fertile soil, I have to have faith in my future brow growth.

Good luck on your lecture travels..
I received an email…looks interesting.
I am impressed by how progressive your practice is on many levels! Getting into transgender area for one, and your use of PRP.

You must also be a good judge of people as you have the nicest staff I have ever experienced personally or professionally.

Thx Much…
Bonnie 👍🏻


Thanks for a great experience yesterday…you have done an amazing job of surrounding yourself with genuinely warm hearted and talented staff.

As you indicated..the back of head is the most uncomfortable.

Have a great weekend!

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Doing well, thank you for asking.  I plan on coming in on Monday morning for a hair wash. On a side note, I wanted to say that you and your entire staff go above and beyond and truly make a patient feel comfortable and well taken care of.

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