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Good morning!! You and your staff was amazing yesterday. I have the expected bleeding but was able to sleep up right last night using 4 pillows. Thank you for checking in!!

Hello Dr. Epstein, it’s Jeannette just wanted to let you k is that I am sooo happy with my results! You are truly the best! Thank you so much you have changed my life forever in a very positive way ! May God continue to bless you and your work !


My eyebrows look amazing! I’m four months since my my second transplant.  Things went really well. I’m very pleased.


African American eyebrow transplant patient

I’m doing well and love my new forehead!!

I haven’t had any pain and only took one pain pill the night of my surgery. My incision is almost remarkably invisible already except for a small area on my right side. I may put some Mederma on that area or not: it’s hidden by my hair anyway.  I am very pleased with the procedure and Very happy! The sensation on top of my head is gradually coming back. It’s still quite numb on the very top but I know it may take some months to fully come back.  I have had no shock hair loss or necrosis (😁). Thank you so much for turning my 8-head into a 6-head.





Patient had surgical hairline advancement.

Im a little irritated…. lol… we are stuck on the runway because the us military has taken over the Atlantic Ocean and no planes are allowed to depart or arrive…. lol I needed to vent but besides that I’m doing fine Dr. Epstein…. thanx for asking. I must say that your staff was amazing, especially Carrie; ….. The staff was good and nice to me the first visit in 2015 but this time they were great…. I don’t know what u did or gave them but omg they were awesome and Carrie was just extraordinary….. Thank u all so much…. Thank you Dr. Epstein


Good morning Dr. Epstein,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express a heartfelt thank you.

On the way home from the procedure yesterday, Adam commented that you must have a son close to Adam’s age as he felt that you cared for him as if he was your own.

I knew that you were a great surgeon and now I know more importantly that you’re a “Mensch”!!

See you soon for me.

A big THANK YOU to you and your amazing team for taking care of me yesterday.
Barbara M

Dr. Epstein,
I say this to very few doctors because it would loose its meaning if given out too often. You have been one of the most professional medical care providers I have worked with. I have seen many in my time in the Army after 18 moves and time over seas. I always value your advice and your efforts. I also want to tell you personally that your work has given me part of my life back.

Thank you for what you do.



I hope this email find you well.

Today has been six months since the beard transplant.  Everything looks good.  The hair is thick and resistant.  Great job!

Thank you very much.

My thoughts are the FUE gave me part of my life back.  To be perfectly honest, I was shunned even by old ladies who did not want to acknowledge I was standing in front of them. Now people take time to recognize me again.

I am very impressed by the work of Dr. Epstein and the crew that took the time to complete the procedure.  I have taken great measures to try to maintain the results with the laser cap, finasteride, Rogaine, proper care and maintenance.  I will always recommend your clinic first if anyone asks about FUE or Hair Restoration.



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