Dr Epstein,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for taking the time to talk things over by webcam with me yesterday. It was great to finally get to reconnect for a bit—I’d been looking forward to our call for a while. I know it was most likely at the end of a long day for you, so again, I appreciate you being there with me and for offering me your expertise.

It’s pretty cool that there’s a possibility that I’ll get to work with you again after almost 10 years since my first operation with you. Especially given the amount of time you’ve been doing this and the many people you’ve helped, I hope you’re able to sometimes reflect on the awesome influence you are having on people’s lives. Not only are you doing stellar work given your craft, but you’re doing it in a way that is seemingly full of integrity and meaningful for those involved. You deserve to be reminded of the fact that it’s ever so appreciated from the customer’s end, especially the repeat customer such as myself.

Thank you for being you and for doing what you do for people.

With big love and gratitude,


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