Josh W

Two weeks ago, I emailed Dr. Epstein to have my hair evaluated due to some concern and anxiety that I was loosing more hair than is typical for my male pattern baldness. Knowing that Dr. Epstein’s two small hair surgeries he performed 10 years prior in 2009 really saved my youthful “30’s look,” it was truly a “no brainier” to contact him now at age 40 for his advice/recommendation. In the end, after examining the photos and video I sent him of my hair, he recommended against a surgery at this time and preventative hair loss measures were what was needed. We only have so much donor hair in our lifetime. On an important sidenote, I also knew Dr. Epstein to be of great character notwithstanding his talents. In fact, three years prior I had set up an appointment at his NYC office only to have him tell me, “save your money, it looks great…I can get you from a 6 score to an 8, but if I were you I would wait…hair thinning is normal at your age.” He is on your side and very ethical! This definitely cost him money as I took up a block of his time for surgeries to be performed, but he was not upset. Nor was he irritated to discuss my hair anxiety and review my photos this past week for free. I will always choose this doctor even if I must hop on an airplane from Los Angeles. I wrote this review because it’s the least I can do. Oh almost forgot, I’ve had several remarks by medical professionals in LA regarding how great they perceived the hair surgery and they see a lot. -Josh

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