Hello Dr. Epstein!

Thank you for doing this procedure on me. I have spent the last maybe 17 years consciously worrying about the size of my forehead. I didn’t know what to do or how to fix it, but as I got older life has inevitably brought me to you.

My forehead prevents me from going on breezy walks by the shore or windy days anywhere, riding a bike, learning to swim, going to the gym because I don’t want to sweat and have to put my hair back. I have never had a bad hair day because I obsess over my hair because I don’t want it to ever stick to my head/be flat and emphasis my forehead. I wear wigs, headbands, or I just don’t go outside.

An absolute collection of mundane, potentially regular day-to-day tasks I have never experienced before. This procedure has open my world to something brand-new, something I genuinely truly believed would be unfathomable to be explored by me. My heart is full and I am excited to have bad hair days and not worry about my forehead anymore. I can now unapologetically focus my energy on my future.

I am currently in school on a pre-med track and I hope one day I will be able bring this much bliss into someone’s life. Thank you once again, I really can go on thanking you for a life time.


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