Jeanette A

Good morning,

I know you are not in the office today but I wanted to share how I feel with you and if you can please pass this to Dr. Epstein.

When we first saw him, we left the office knowing that he could do more for me than we talked about in the consultation. We said, of course he cannot assure different results because he is a professional but somehow we knew he would make it happen.

Yesterday I had the procedure. Everything went well and I was able to have a little bit of coffee right after I left the office ?.

Today my husband removed the dressing and let me tell you that we are both in tears. We are going wow, wow and wow…Only my husband and my older sister knows about the struggles I had growing up. Being bullied by your parents and people around you wasn’t easy. My self-esteem was damaged. I spent years minimizing the bullying, dismissing it or pretending it didn’t happen. Bullying caused me to lose confidence and self-esteem because it is packed with lies about your worth as a person.

For the first time in more than 40 years, I’ll be able to start enjoying my life and to take control of it. I started to heal the day I met him in his office. I could see that he is not only the best at what he does but he is genuine.

Dr. Epstein has no idea how he has changed my life-this is a new beginning for me. Tell Dr. Epstein that what he does is more than aesthetics, it’s instant healing.

Thank you from the bottom of  my heart!!! I love the results!!

Jeanette A

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