Hi Dr Epstein,

Thank you so much for this response email. It is so reassuring to hear that I have an option to fix this problem that is focused on removing grafts from the hairline and placing them appropriately rather than adding more. The surgeon I originally went to has told me that he can only add more and that removing hairline grafts would cause scarring.

I wish I had considered doing the original transplant outside of Toronto and came to you for the operation from the start. Your idea of a conservative transplant would’ve been much better for someone my age which I sadly did not realize at the time of the initial transplant. It was only after I was upset with the result that I did enough research to discover the issues with big hair transplants for young men especially with adjusting the hairline. It would’ve saved me a lot of time, money and donor hair to have had the operation done by you or at least by a surgeon here with a more conservative plan.

I learned that I should’ve done more research and done consultations with other surgeons but there weren’t many others near me that had the certifications that he did.


Patient requires reparative hair procedure.

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