Back in 2012, we were talking about getting my hairline to a more “androgynous” state, but in consultation with Doc Epstein, I opted for a more conservative approach, because I was unsure about changing my appearance too much.

Well, time has passed, but the issues behind my anxiety back then about developing male pattern baldness are still present, but I have learned to be more open and accepting about that aspect of myself. So I am at that point where I would appreciate Doc Epstein’s help and service again, and speaking it out, with the goal of not just an androgynous but a more feminine hairline.

Having had such a positive Experience with the team in Miami, I would also like to enquire whether the Doctor does do filing of the brow bone as well!?

I am considering a Florida vacation towards the winter months.

Thanks for getting back to me, and have a great week!


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