Dear Doc, I found out about Dr Epstein

Dear Doc,

I found out about Dr Epstein by a simple internet search and was amazed to find that a chest hair transplant was not only possible, but a regular procedure at his clinic. For me, it was a big step between actually discovering this, and deciding to go ahead, and the reason I did so was the helpfulness and professionalism of his team. After an exchange of quite a few emails and photographs, I was convinced that it would be the right decision, and before I knew it I had a date booked, plus flights (from the UK) and hotels.

Standards of care before, during and after the operation – which took pretty much all day – were outstanding, and I had total confidence at all times. In the weeks/months afterwards, I had a few concerns which were dealt with swiftly and helpfully by the team, and about 9 months later I am totally delighted with the result, and the decision to go ahead with Dr Epstein. I would strongly recommend him to anyone thinking of a transplant. I’m not planning any follow-ups, but if I were I wouldn’t bother asking anyone else, I’d come straight back to Dr Epstein.

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