Hi Dr. Epstein,

Thank you for checking in.

The therapy is going good. I took some progress photos a few days ago and compared them to Jan 1 photos, and to my delight I see some regrowth on my crown and on the top of my head as well.

In addition I’ve also been eating much better with a focus on zinc and iron rich foods, as well as supplementing zinc, magnesium, and ashwagandha. I understand these won’t regrow hair by themselves but I believe they can potentially help and I’m trying to cover all bases.

In regards to the oral minoxidil, since I slowly eased into the medication, I’ve been taking 1.25mg/day since 2/21, 2.5mg/day since 3/14, and 5mg/day since 3/21. I have noticed thicker eyebrows, a much thicker mustache, and possibly some new hairs on my hairline. I’m hopeful this continues and I am a responder to the minoxidil.

Thank you,


Patient had TrichoTest™ guided medical therapy.

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