Thank you for your email and sorry for the delayed response. It’s been just over two weeks now since my procedure and I am feeling great and wishing that I could fast forward to about 3 months from now….let me sum up the experience so far:

The procedure went very well – I was “out” for most of it, and nothing hurt at all. When all was said and done, I had two gorgeously shaped, evenly balanced eyebrows, with Dr. Epstein having adjusted the slight shaping and level imbalance of the tattooed eyebrows that I already had . I did also have a lot of bruising all around both eyes, but I expected that since I bruise like a banana ;0) I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home for the next 10 days after that, working from home and generally taking it easy and healing. I followed the post-procedure instructions to the letter, not even daring to wash my hair, lest any water spill onto my brows. ;0) About 7 days post-procedure, the flaking off of the crusting/scabbing began and more and more eyebrow hair was revealed… by 9 days, I was looking at a “clean” set of eyebrows that were so naturally and beautifully shaped for my face, that I realized that this was the way my brows and face would have looked had I never taken a tweezers to them so many, many years ago…I truly believe that Dr. Epstein gave me my own looks back and for this, I am very, very grateful. I also have to thank Linda, who did such an amazing job with the placement of the eyebrows – very nice and natural. Another nice thing is the fact that the color of my brows is just right – it is my own haircolor and not the color of a tatoo or eyebrow pencil.

Close to two weeks post-procedure, the transplanted hairs started falling out, as predicted, so while I was sad to see them go, I did not freak out – Dr. Epstein’s written information on “what to expect” is so crucial to keeping a patient’s anxiety in check. Right now, there are several scraggly patches/lines of transplanted hairs still hanging around, but for the most part the eyebrows are gone again….this is why I wish I could fast forward 3 months, when hopefully, I will start to see the new growth coming in. My brows look a bit funny and “off” now, with the pale tattoo lines still showing, the intermittent scraggly hairs and the shadow of the transplant line above my right eyebrow (this is the one Dr. E. adjusted a bit higher than the existing tattoo), so I am using eyebrow pencil to adjust this current odd look. I am following the new brow line that Dr. Epstein created, so even the penciled-in eyebrows look better than the tattooed ones!

So, there you have my happy tale…I am so very, very happy that I had this procedure done and thrilled that I chose to have the very best doctor perform the procedure. Of course, I do have to wait to see what happens over the few months and over the next year, but I have every confidence that my eyebrows will grow in and do so beautifully!

Thank you once again, and please send my regards to Dr. Epstein and Linda.

Kind regards,

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