Hi Roxy!

Many thanks for your note, and my apologies for getting back to you late, i had finally gotten back home way late Friday night, weather-related flight delays, and then i just sorta conked out yesterday, Saturday, but i wanted to be sure to get back to you!  I can’t thank you and Dr. E. and your entire staff enough for the most amazing experience with you all last Thursday! Dr. E. is just terrific as a surgeon and as a person, and i’ll forever be grateful to him for working with me on what i have wanted for so long now.  Jose was just outstanding, and i was glad to say hello to Susie too, what an outstanding team!

So far, i’m doing great, i’m almost done with the ATP solution and am still using that as directed.  I was exceedingly careful at the airports and on the plane to make sure that no grafts were dislodged.  I’ll take pictures periodically too, and send them along, if you’d like.  Wish i was closer to you, but thank you for keeping tabs on me, that would be great and if i have any questions, i’ll be sure to send you and Dr. E. a note too.

My deep thanks again, and please say Hello to Dr. E. for me!  You all are amazing!

All best of wishes and hugs,


P.S.  I think i mentioned this, but i  wanted to let you all know, that as an actor, i have a great profile on the internet movie database, IMDb, please check it out!  Each time someone looks at it, it counts toward my Starmeter ranking…  🙂 You’ll see that i’m credited with 44 films and TV projects so far, it’s been great!

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