Adam s

Dear Dr. Epstein,
I’m not sure if you remember me, but my name is Adam S. 10 years ago I came to you stressing about how I was born with a high hairline and how much it affected me, and how I always wore a hat.

You were skeptical to do a procedure on me because at the time I was 19, but I came back twice and you finally gave me the ok to go ahead with giving me a hair transplant.

I always trusted you with it and I’m so glad to have had it done by you. You’ve changed my life. I no longer wear a hat every day. I attached photos for you to see my result and it’s even cut very short and still going strong!

Again I can’t thank you enough! People can’t even believe I had anything done! Hope all is well and hope you’re staying safe. Thank you again, Dr. Epstein, I can’t thank you enough!

Adam S

Patient had hair transplant at 19 years old.
This is not a typical case where Dr. Epstein will work on a patient as young as this.

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