Dr. Epstein Presenting at the ISHRS Meeting in Lisbon, 2021

Dr. Epstein served as the director of the special section on eyebrow and beard transplantation and the management of scars at the ISHRS World Congress held in Lisbon this year. 

He shared a study comparing eyebrow restoration using all single hair grafts vs all two and three hair grafts, the latter is the technique he has used in most of his 1,300+ eyebrow transplant procedures.

Dr. Epstein presenting on eyebrow restoration at ISHRS 2021

Dr. Epstein presenting a lecture on eyebrow restoration at ISHRS 2021

Dr. Epstein also lectured on hairline lowering surgery, and presented a video of a pro bono eyebrow transplant I performed on a young boy.

You can learn more about the procedure yourself by watching the video below. 


You can learn more about Dr. Epstein’s approach to eyebrow restoration here.

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