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I hope this email find you well.

Today has been six months since the beard transplant.  Everything looks good.  The hair is thick and resistant.  Great job!

Thank you very much.

My thoughts are the FUE gave me part of my life back.  To be perfectly honest, I was shunned even by old ladies who did not want to acknowledge I was standing in front of them. Now people take time to recognize me again.

I am very impressed by the work of Dr. Epstein and the crew that took the time to complete the procedure.  I have taken great measures to try to maintain the results with the laser cap, finasteride, Rogaine, proper care and maintenance.  I will always recommend your clinic first if anyone asks about FUE or Hair Restoration.



Hi Dr. Epstein,
Hope all is wonderful with you!
My nose looks great, I imagine its still healing as it swells from time to time, especially the nose tip.
Thank you!

My sis and I flew down to Miami together and had such an amazing experience, I am very very happy with the results of my hairline advancement. It looks natural and it is healing really well. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested to get your surgery done by Epstein and his team. He is definitely the best surgeon I know.

Good afternoon Dr . Epstein, hope you’re doing well ! I just want to say THANK YOU .

I’am so happy with my new nose , it’s really what I wanted . I will recommend you at anytime ! Best Regards, Manon !

Hi Dr. Epstein & Roxy

I hope you have both been well! The hairs on my hands/arms are starting to grow and all looks good. I still have some redness, is there a cream you can prescribe to help with this? Or, is the one you gave me the best one to use? Thanks.


Good morning Dr. Epstein!! I can’t tell you how full our hearts are right now. You are incredible. Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for everything you do, and your phenomenal team 🙂 We are just taking it easy, no nausea today. Just a sort of tension and pressure at the incision but we are maintaining this with the medication.

*Twin patients had hairline lowering surgery.

Hi Roxy,

All is good, thank you for checking up on me. In regards to the results, I’m loving it! It made a world of difference. My hair looks thicker as long as I don’t put too much hair gel.

*Patient had FUE hair transplant.

Hi Dr Ep,

Very good to hear from you, in fact I was just going to email you!

Yes, of course, I would be honoured to speak to another male patient for you and tell him all about how amazing the results are. You are top of your game and I would be happy to help!

As you will see the operation has been a complete success this time! I think the fact we did those blood injections PRP (I cannot remember if that is the correct term?) is what really made the difference.

In any case, in order to fully reach my goal of doing away with needing any brow filling products whatsoever in the morning, I would like to arrange a top-up session next year please, sometime in April-May 2018 time. You have created the perfect shape for me, I would just like you to please put a few more hairs in there so that they are darker and thicker all around. I hope that is a good time to come?

Hoping you are well! 🙂

Best regards,


Hi Dr. Epstein-

I was intrigued by your casual, confident approach when we met. As you know I’m conservative with my procedures and face- ha. You know what you’re doing though, huh? I am so happy with my results and everyone here is blown away by your stitching skills. Not a hint of a scar and it healed so fast- within a week! Shocked and so impressed 😉

I’m emailing Roxy for brow appt right now.

Hope Prague was wonderful!

See you soon-

*Patient had upper lip lift.

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