As part of Dr. Epstein’s teaching, fellows in the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship programs are able to spend a week at his office learning advanced hair restoration techniques.

I want to thank you again for the work you did on my hair. You know I need to keep practicing for a few years and looking younger helps me sell surgery and be more confident. It’s something that my family and I really need. I’m so grateful for you.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Thank you for your great work👏👏👏 much appreciated! Have a great day!🖐️


Patient had FUE procedure.

Thank you and have a great night. Your staff was fantastic and you run an incredible practice


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Dr. Epstein!

I really am amazed at what you did and know it will be even fuller with a fill in.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to this, again!

Patient had beard transplant.

jeff i love you man
you have made me look 20 years younger

Tony, M.D.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Hello Dr. Epstein,

My name is Brendan and I’m a previous patient of yours.
I underwent a surgical hairline advancement approximately one year ago.
(Excellent job by the way, I am absolutely stunned with how the result turned out!)

Thank you!


Patient has SHA grafting.

The results so far have been amazing and I’d like to strengthen a few areas + whatever your recommendation is-  but the results your team has produced are life changing.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Dr. Epstein,

My hair is growing in fast.  So I’m super happy about it-  awesome.


Patient had FUE procedure 4 months ago.

I am reaching out in hopes of setting up an additional procedure. The results so far have been amazing and I’d like to strengthen a few areas + whatever your recommendation is.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Dr. Epstein,
I enjoyed briefly meeting you and Dr. Bared before yesterday’s panel discussion at Miami Cosmetic Surgery meeting.  Your before and after hair and eyebrow photos were among the most elegant I’ve ever seen. More than just medical ability, they also reflected a sense of aesthetics.
Michael x, MD

Hi doc,

It was really good seeing you and your staff, always make me fell 100% when I’m there, THANK YOU. I am going to give the medications you recommended to see how well they work until my wedding which is Sept 17 of this year. If after the wedding I am not happy with how its doing, then i am in your hands on the table 1000%.  Thanks again for who you are and how you are.

Your friend

Carlos G

Patient had prior FUE procedure.

I’ve taken off the dressing and I am so happy with my results! Thank you so much! This means a lot to me!

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.


Thanks doc , all is well . Healing and feeling great. If I have any problems or concerns I will definitely contact you. I will send updated pictures after a couple weeks. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience through surgery.
– Michael H

Patient had beard hair to scalp hair transplant.

I had a good night’s sleep and am not experiencing any significant discomfort. Thanks for your concern and extraordinary efforts on my behalf.

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I look and feel good.!!! The procedure went very well.  Thanks for checking


Patient had FUE procedure.


I am speechless about how grateful I am with you, I got a hairline lowering on August 20/2021.


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Dear dr Epstein,

It’s been 4 1/2 months since my hair transplant surgery, and the results so far have been great!


Patient had FUE procedure.

I am so happy with the results, the scar is almost completely faded and hairs have grown in so I can wear my hair in any style. Thank you so much to Dr Epstein and the entire team, I couldn’t be happier!!


Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Thanks doc , all is well . Healing and feeling great. If I have any problems or concerns Ty I will definitely contact you. I will send updated pictures after a couple weeks. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience through surgery.
– Michael H

Patient had FUE procedure.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for both your kindness professionalism.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi doc!
I’m ready for the cover of a magazine 😆 otherwise good. Uncomfortable, but to be expected. Hoping the worst is over my tomorrow 🌻
Thank you! Your staff is so kind and I had a lovely experience with you guys yesterday. I look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Dr. Epstein,

I visited your office December 7th-  just over 4 months ago-  for a 1,000 graft beard transplant. I wanted to provide you some update pictures. I’m very pleased thus far and look forward to more growth.


Patient had beard transplant.

Hey Doc, I’m doing well. Preciate the check in, the stellar service, and support from your amazing staff as well. Many thanks again!


Patient had FUE hair transplant.

Hard to believe it’s been a year already since the latest HT! I am very happy and appreciate the conservative approach/plan you that you’ve proposed and succeeded with given my situation which was very well diagnosed by Dr. E.

Anyway thanks again for everything. Let’s stay in touch.

Take care,


Patient had FUE procedure.

Sorry for late text we just landed back in NC. It going good, thanks so much for everything. What a wonderful team!


Patient had hair transplant.

I know this is something you do every day, but I can already tell that it’s going to change my life. Thank you for showing me so much care.


Patient had hair transplant procedure.

Dr Epstein ,

Today I shared my FUE result photos
with my dermatologist Dr Asfa Akhtar , Cleveland Clinic Florida ( CCF ) . Dr Akhtar was so impressed with my results she requested your contact information which I shared.
Best regards,

Patient had FUE procedure.

I feel genuine euphoria when i look at myself in the mirror. this new hairline is exactly what i wanted


Patient had FUE transplant for gender reaffirmation.

I wanted to tell you how wonderful both you and your staff were.  You all made a very wimpy patient feel comfortable and secure.  I wanted to say thank you for that. I finally had the courage to look at the work done when I made it home last night. I couldn’t believe how far back you were able to add grafts. I couldn’t feel it during the procedure.  It made me cry thinking that could grow in and I can finally stop the ridiculous comb over so I wanted to say thank you for that too.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Dear Dr Epstein,

Trust you are doing great!

Its been almost a year since we did my hair transplant. Results have been great. Wanted to check in with you to get your thoughts on the possibility of a follow-up procedure

Please let me know if we can schedule a call

Thank you!


Patient had FUE procedure.

From the bottom of my heart, please relay my thanks to Dr. Epstein and the entire team.

I am incredibly grateful for the time, effort and care that went into both of my procedures. I can tell you that the level of service is what brought me back to your office.

I look forward to seeing the results and gaining my confidence back.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Dr. Epstein,

Thank you for checking in.

The therapy is going good. I took some progress photos a few days ago and compared them to Jan 1 photos, and to my delight I see some regrowth on my crown and on the top of my head as well.

In addition I’ve also been eating much better with a focus on zinc and iron rich foods, as well as supplementing zinc, magnesium, and ashwagandha. I understand these won’t regrow hair by themselves but I believe they can potentially help and I’m trying to cover all bases.

In regards to the oral minoxidil, since I slowly eased into the medication, I’ve been taking 1.25mg/day since 2/21, 2.5mg/day since 3/14, and 5mg/day since 3/21. I have noticed thicker eyebrows, a much thicker mustache, and possibly some new hairs on my hairline. I’m hopeful this continues and I am a responder to the minoxidil.

Thank you,


Patient had TrichoTest™ guided medical therapy.

It’s just a month after the one-year anniversary of my eyebrow procedure. Of all my plastic surgeries, that has been the best and changed my look most. Thank you so much.

I hope to hear from you.


Good evening Dr. Epstein.  This is Maribel Daniel’s wife.   We loved your work and the attention to details. thank you.

Patient had FUE procedure.

I’m doing wonderful.  You’re office is fantastic. You have incredible people

Patient had beard transplant.

This was a life changing procedure I can’t believe it
So I would say December January was when I finally saw it ! Love it it’s amazing I keep telling everyone !


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Thank you for caring, you are a wonderful doctor. I’m happy with the results.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hello Dr. Epstein… I just got back to New Jersey and I’m doing great. I have swelling and took some Tylenol. Thank you for everything.. it was a wonderful experience you and your staff are simply amazing!!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I’m just leaving dinner. Just brushed the hair forward and can’t tell at all. Ur a genius

Patient had no shave FUE procedure.

Thank you so much for your time and work. Like I said, you have no idea how life changing it really is. It’s hard not to feel badly about yourself when you are so self-conscious. I’m excited for my future not thinking about it all the time. I am so grateful to you!!! Thank you!!!!

Best regards,


Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Hey Doc. Just wanted to say a thank you note. Normally this would be a stressful procedure for me. You have such a great disposition it really put me at ease. Thanks again!  Jonothan.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Eyebrows are still going strong. Haven’t had any injections in over a year. Thank you again- you guys are the best!


Patient with alopecia areata in past who underwent eyebrow transplant.

Woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks.

Patient had FUE procedure.

I still can’t get over how amazing the brows look. Thanks again for everything to you and your team— I couldn’t be more excited!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Thank you, and your amazing staff, for everything. Looking forward to my final results!

Patient had hair transplant.

Thank you for caring, you are a wonderful doctor. I’m happy with the results.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

You did an amazing job !!! Just wanted to show you how it’s healed ☺️ Deja

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

Let me introduce you to Robert, a good friend of mine, he could not believe I did surgery due to how real it looked and is willing to get one done sooner than later, he also lives in Miami.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Thank you for everything
Your staff is amazing
The whole place is amazing


Patient had FUE procedure.

I’m IN love with my eyebrows! They’re growing in beautifully and I’ve never received so many compliments on them as I receive now, after the surgery.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

I just want to say thank you . I had a great experience your staff and Roxy are great !!! I have no pain at all a little itchy but so much better than the strip procedure back in 07 . Please say thank you to the team that worked on me . Listening to them all sing for 8 hours was great “keep their day jobs “🤣 if I can ever endorse or speak with a person on the fence or I would be happy to meet with them if local I will be happy to do it.

Thanks again you are the Best !!

Patient had FUE hair transplant.

Hi Dr Epstein,

Thank you so much for this response email. It is so reassuring to hear that I have an option to fix this problem that is focused on removing grafts from the hairline and placing them appropriately rather than adding more. The surgeon I originally went to has told me that he can only add more and that removing hairline grafts would cause scarring.

I wish I had considered doing the original transplant outside of Toronto and came to you for the operation from the start. Your idea of a conservative transplant would’ve been much better for someone my age which I sadly did not realize at the time of the initial transplant. It was only after I was upset with the result that I did enough research to discover the issues with big hair transplants for young men especially with adjusting the hairline. It would’ve saved me a lot of time, money and donor hair to have had the operation done by you or at least by a surgeon here with a more conservative plan.

I learned that I should’ve done more research and done consultations with other surgeons but there weren’t many others near me that had the certifications that he did.


Patient requires reparative hair procedure.

Your staff is amazing
The whole place is amazing

Patient had FUE procedure.

Dr. Epstein:

You are an honorable man and I’m grateful for being your patient.

Thanks for always taking care of me.



Patient had reparative hair procedure.

Hey Dr Epstein!
I’m doing great so far! Everything looks right and I am in no pain at all. You and your team did an A+ job and I am extremely happy with everything so a big thanks to you again!


Patient had eyebrow and beard transplant.

Thanks for reply. I’m heading back to Houston. This is quite the experience. Game on!

Thanks again to you and your team. Quite remarkable.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi! I i feel great! You and your staff took great care of me!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

All go and it all looks GREAT!! Truly, you and your team are amazingly talented. Thank you!!


Patient had FUE procedure.


Thank you for everything you and your team did for me. You made the experience as enjoyable as possible and i’m so grateful for that


Patient had hair grafting.

Dr Epstein:

I am so pleased! I truly cannot thank you enough for helping me “undo” some of the damage I caused to my scalp/hair! I am so grateful!


Patient had FUE procedure.

I cannot stress how much better things look, it’s unbelievable. Things are looking so much smoother and blending into look more natural with my surrounding untouched skin.

Thank you  so much and all your staff for all you do, it’s strange getting back to some sense of normal.


Patient had reparative procedure FUE remoals.

Dr. Epstein your an excellent doctor and did a great job w brow transplant. I appreciate everything you do, thanks

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Doctor Epstein!
Typing this with teary eyes cause I’m still emotional 3 days later. 😭💖
We can’t thank you enough for making one of our dreams come finally true,
the results already are astonishing!

We are healing up very nicely, minimal swelling and no bruising what so ever!

We’ll keep you updated with our progress via pics/vids for your website because everyone needs to know YOU’RE THE REAL DEAL!!

Thank you again!

Love Always,
Caroline & Stephany F

Patient and her sister had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Incredible results so far. Thank you again.
I am just so pleased with the results, I can’t express it enough.


Just 2 ½ months after eyebrow transplant.

Hello! I am home and doing great! I have not had any problems at all. Thank you for your great work!


Patient had eyebrow restoration.

Please let me share that your team is wonderful. As a physician I am aware. Your team is comprised of good people. Your technicians are solid. I appreciate the follow up from you and your APRNs. Well done!


Patient had FUE procedure.

Dr. Epstein did a really fantastic job. It’s completely natural looking that not even my mother knew I had anything done (in a good way). She just kept saying that my hair looked thicker/fuller. When I am back in Miami I would love to see Dr.Epstein to show him the results as well as discuss possible future procedures.

Have a joyful week with all God’s blessings!


Patient had FUE procedure.

Dr. Epstein, this is Marc, Ellen’s husband. I just wanted to let you know how how perfect a job you and your team did. I can’t get over just how perfect it is!! Thank you all so much for absolutely everything, from how comfortable you made Ellen feel, to how your office communicated so well with Ellen, to the absolutely perfect work you all accomplished!!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Incredible results! You guys are amazing! True artists!

Thanks again,

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Dr. Epstein and A-Team,

I can’t express how happy and pleased I am with the results.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Patient had FUE procedure.

Dear Dr. Epstein,

I am 10 months post op the SHA procedure and 6 months post op the hair transplant.  I can’t express how amazed I am at your work.  There has been significant hair growth to temporal areas and I actually have a forehead now.  I’m excited to see how my hairline continues to improve in the upcoming months.

I would like to thank you for exceeding my expectations with your work and friendly manner.  Please extend my gratitude to the team that helped perform my hair transplant.  Your staff made me feel welcomed and treated me like a VIP.  Cindy and Roxy were also very nice and helpful.


Good morning!  Thank you for checking in!  I’m doing well. Taking the meds you prescribed.  Was able to sleep a bit last night in upright position. Minimal pain.  Eyes swollen with some bruising as expected.  Will follow all post-op instructions and keep you updated with pics. Thank you once again to you and your amazing team!  My experience could not have been better!  I am truly grateful!


Patient had an eyebrow transplant.

Dear Dr Epstein,
This email is way overdue but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team. What you were able to do for me has completely transformed my self image for the better and I am so grateful. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.
Best wishes

Patient had beard and armpit hair transplant.

Thanks again for making me so comfortable. Your bed side manner is second to none.


Patient had fat transfer for scalp scarring.

Hi Dr. Epstein,

Everything is going well, couldn’t be happier with the results- it looks amazing. Thank you for everything.

Patient had FUE procedure.

My brows have grown in exactly how I’ve wanted them to, and they’re perfect with weekly grooming. I dont even have to use a brow pencil because they’re so full!

Thank you so much, as I love my results!! I would recommend your team to others as well!

Thank you,
Vanessa B

Eyebrow transplant in Black female.

Many  thanks for you and your team’s
superior work .  Medicine is a true art form.


Patient had reparative hair procedure.

Hello Dr.
I just spoke to Dannette, your staff is AAA+   I am traveling to Miami on the 18 of February from Italy. I love your YouTube video’s.You are a leader in your field for sure.

Thank you & Happy New Year

Female patient to have hair transplant.

Superior results  . My gratitude to you and the entire team !  So pleased . Will send new patient referrals with my highest recommendation . Stay in touch.
Best wishes for the New Year !
Andrew S

Patient had FUE procedure.

I am doing great! I feel I already can get an idea of how awesome of a job dr. Jeffrey did on my surgery! Thank you all so much! I can’t thank you for all your help!

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

I want Dr Epstein to know how VERY HAPPY I am with your services and will do my best to send you more business, myself included.  Looking at my before photos and the improvement is significant, but I always want more LOL.  I just wish I came in 10 years ago 🙁

Patient had FUE procedure.

It’s day 10 since the procedure~ the eyebrows look stupendous! Could not be more thrilled!
cheers with gratitude! Elizabeth

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

hank you so much! It’s amazing to reach up and feel hair!
it says the photo didn’t go through so I will try to resend just so you can admire your handiwork😃


Patient had FUE hair transplant.

Thank you, all is very well!
I got back home, just now and I’ve been thinking  about you all What a wonderful experience it was, truly impressive.
Thank you for your amazing work and for your gifted staff, they are so dedicated and loving.
You are so special.
Your team reflects your profound gifts.
Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me,

Kindest regards and love, Kevin

Patient had FUE procedure.

Dr. Epstein, Alyssa and Roxy-

I cannot express how much I appreciate all of you and the rest of your team in Miami.  Your organization has been a total class act from the first communication via email up until today, one week after the procedure.

As you can see, I’m growing a mustache for a few months to distract/confuse people who can’t put their finger on what’s changed on my face. Then, when the brows are grown back in again, I’ll shave the mustache (further confusing them) and when they ask me what’s changed or they point out that my brows look thicker, I’ll tell them that it’s just an illusion since I shaved my mustache.

Again, thank you for everything,

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Thanks for everything!

Your whole office staff was great! Dr. Epstein has built an awesome team around his special gift.


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Hi Dr. Jeff Epstein,

Once again thanks for the help and I appreciate you checking in on me.

No complaints here whatsoever.
I will be recommending people from Norway to come see you.

Best regards,

Patient had FUE procedure.

So far so good. I was on a zoom yesterday, set the camera to low definition, and tilted it up and it wasn’t even noticeable. It might be too early for me to officially be impressed but… I’m pretty damn impressed.


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hope everyone is doing well.

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Epstein for accommodating me. I was amazed and truly appreciate your kindness  for doing that for me Dr. Epstein 🙏  I would like to thank all the staffs who participated in my procedure. You guys all did an amazing job. Please please send this message to the OR team who participated in my procedure as well I don’t have their emails. Did an amazing job in the OR along with making me feel comfortable through out the entire day ♥️♥️♥️♥️ ILove you all!!

Sharlot, RN

Patient had eyelash transplant.

Brother you have no idea what it does to you psychologically every time I pass by a mirror Youre always in a bit of shock.
To say
“You fixed me”
feels like the right words
Thank you Dr. Epstein

Patient had FUE procedure.

Please let Dr. Epstein and everyone know you all changed my life!!  Bless you all for what you do.

Patient had hairline lowering surgery.

I just sent a photo. I’m doing great — Dr. Epstein is an artist. Please let him know that I am very grateful! I may come in to make an appointment for some hairline work at some point soon so I’ll keep you posted on that. Thank you so much!!!

All best,

Patient had eyebrow transplant procedure.

Hi Dr. Epstein,
You did my procedure June 1st. I love my brows!!! It’s exactly what I hoped for. No more eyebrow pencil. Yahoo!! Thank you!!!!
Suzanne W

The girls were great! very professional, they treated every graft like it was a little
diamond. Absolutely no discomfort post procedure, no need for any sleep aid or pain killers.
Dr Epstein was Awesome! checking in all throughout the day and a followup text early sat morning.
Overall, a great experience. Can’t wait to see the results.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Thank you Roxy! Everything is great, and like I told Dr Epstien again on Thursday, the entire staff is incredible!
Regards, Lonny

Patient had beard to scalp FUE procedure.

Work was phenomenal I hand picked you! Loved my choice!


Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Wow! Thank you so much 😊
Wonderful experience at your establishment! Everything is good. Taking it slow returning to work tomorrow. Pray all is well with your family too !!Swelling a little whichto be expected..
However I appreciate you &your staff/ TEAM was very accommodating !!

Patient had eyebrow transplant.

the results are amazing i’m very happy with them. thank you!

Patient had hairline lowering / forehead reduction surgery.

I feel really well and the scar has healed quite well, It’s almost invisible now. I personally loved the process and the outcome, I am 100% satisfied.


Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery to repair prior transplants.

Good morning
Thus is Dr D the interventional cardiologist.
11 months later.
My Jewish Israeli mother is very grateful!

Patient had FUE procedure.

Good morning Doctor
All is well. Your staff and yourself worked diligently and effectively to achieve the outstanding outcome.
Thank you for being in touch
you are a true mensch

Patient had FUE procedure.

Dr. Epstein,

I underwent a reverse bear transplant with you April 5th. All in all I am very happy with the results. It is far from perfect but a giant leap from what was. I am grateful for everything you did for me sir. My mental state has improved dramatically since I met you.

Again, I am forever grateful for what you have done for me.

Thank you Doctor.

– Derek

Reparative procedure of FUE removals of prior beard transplant done elsewhere.

Hi Dr. Epstein,

I hope this email finds you well and safe. I just wanted to update you on my progress after the beard restoration procedure in May. The results look great, and I cannot thank you enough for performing the procedure with such expertise. It was truly an honor to have the procedure done by you after scouring the internet for the right surgeon. I also want to apologize for being such a difficult patient in the immediate aftermath of the procedure – it was foolish of me to be so anxious about the outcome, which turned out really well. Thank you for being so patient with me and answering all of my emails!


Hi Roxy,

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and guidance throughout this, you’ve been awesome.

Please pass my appreciation on to the Doctor also.

Be well,


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Roxy and Jeff,
My hair transplant from 2018 has worked out wonderfully.  I’m interested in having my beard filled in now.


Patient had FUE transplant.

Head is healing up nicely and better yet I really really like the way it’s looking.
Thanks again to dr Epstein please, to you and everyone at the office, it really has been a wonderful experience.

Patient had FUE procedure.

Happy Sunday Dr. Epstein. I took of the bandages, I’m so thrilled with the results.

Patient had hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery.

Notice how nice my eyebrows look.  My partner calls the change “amazing.”

Thanks Doctor. Hope you are well.


Hello! Thank you for checking in. I am doing wonderful! Just the usual discomfort I guess. I had my hair wash at 1 PM today. It was great. I can’t speak highly enough of your staff. You truly have done an amazing job with them. Kudos to you 😁

Patient had hair transplant.

I want to thank and congratulate Dr. Epstein for my eyebrow implant procedure, the result is incredible. I also want to thank their assistants who were in my procedure, thanks to their advice I did not go through the stage of being without hair at any time, which made the experience even better (I did not touch them at all during the first month). Literally from the third month the eyebrows were much more abundant and with better shape. You might feel in your day to day that you are working for something simply aesthetic and vain but it is not much more than that. Literally this decision changed my life and helped me a lot for my self-esteem (without painting my eyebrows, it seemed that I suffered from some disease).

To all the team thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Eyebrows after

Eyebrows before

Hi Dr Epstein,

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to update you on my progress with my forehead reduction as I got some headshots taken the other day and couldn’t believe how amazing I felt about my face in these pictures. I can’t thank you enough for helping me address my biggest insecurity. I have a whole new sense of confidence and it is all thanks to you, you are truly an artist.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!


Hey dr Epstein. Thx for the note.

Feel good. tiny bit of bleeding over night as pillow had little blood but nothing major.

Be in for wash today

Pretty normal I think.

Your team is awesome by the way.

Thanks again


Patient had FUE procedure.

Hi Dr. Epstein!!!
Nic’s hair is starting to come in and he’s LOVING IT!!!!

Jess and Nic

Patient had FUE procedure.

All went well last night.

Your lead graft planting assistant Jessenia deserves special accolades as a leader/professional ..she made sure all your other assistants were coordinated during a very long procedure.

Thanks again


Gm Dr .Jeff Epstein thank u very much for ask and your concern so far very good no pain at all I am only taking the antibiotic no pain killer neither the generic for ambient I sleep ?.very good I just wake up once again thank very much much for your excellent job and outstanding team thank u ??


Patient had eyebrow transplant

Hello Dr epstein.this is B from Vancouver. I have been super happy with the way my hair and brows started to grow in. Well done and thank u again. Thank u so much 🙂 .

Patient had eyebrows and scalp hair transplant.

Hey Dr Epstein! Eyebrows are doing great! Feels like they just keep getting better and better with time. Coming to see you was the best decision I ever made. Thanks you for helping me physically and mentally lol.

Hope all is well,
Ron RN

Hey Dr. Epstein,
What a phenomenal job your office has done regarding minimal scarring in donor zone.  my beard is perfect and makes me happier on a day to day basis. Thank you again for the happiness you provide everytime I look in the mirror or feel my beard!

Thanks so much,

Patient had beard transplant.

Hi all,

Just wanted to send an update on my eyebrow transplant since Feb. 2021. I’m so thrilled about my results! I could not be happier that I did this. Thanks so much for your wonderful attention and care!


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