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Could you please tell Dr. Epstein thank you again for the fantastic results? I’m so happy with the outcomes of every single procedure I had with him this past June (hair transplant, eyebrows, and lip lift)! I think they look completely natural and just amazing! Thank you also for all your help in the long road to finally get me booked ;)!

Thank you for your time again Dan and please pass my thanks on to Dr. Epstein as well!

Have a nice week!

All the best,

From first to last my experience with Dr Epstein and his team was a pleasure. Surgery isn’t something I’ve ever gone in for before, so I had dozens (and dozens) of questions before I was ready to commit to a procedure. All of these were handled swiftly, efficiently and honestly by Dr Epstein’s representative, Dan Grantham, and on one occasion Dr Epstein himself replied: impressive service. After two or three weeks I was convinced I was dealing with a top notch organisation and so I decided to go ahead.

Three months later I was on my way to Miami – a long and complicated journey from South West England – and I had many hours to wonder whether the experience itself would live up to expectations. The answer is a definite yes. I arrived very early in the morning and was greeted by a friendly and efficient young man called Kyle who took me through the necessary paperwork. Shortly afterwards I met Dr Epstein, then was introduced to the team who would be working on me – mainly Jose and Cynthia (I hope I have remembered their names right). Also in the operating room was a team of three and I think at times four people working on microscopes to prepare the grafts. It felt incredible to be the centre of such attention!

I was told to say if at any point anything hurt, and the team worked very hard to keep me comfortable at all times. It was a long day for everyone (I arrived at 6.45 and left at 7pm) but I can honestly say I enjoyed it. The team who were inserting the grafts were extremely chatty and friendly and although I wasn’t very good company (because I was groggy) they really did seem to enjoy their work.

I returned the following day for a quick check-up and to settle the final bill, because Dr Epstein had managed to do more grafts than originally intended. I had agreed to this in advance, so it wasn’t unexpected. I also got to meet Susie, who I had spoken to on the phone from England on a few occasions.

It was such an enjoyable experience that (don’t laugh) I hope to see you all again later in the year.

This is not because I am addicted to surgery, but because I trust you all and with something like this it is worth paying for the best.

Any surprises? Well, not having had surgery before, I wasn’t expecting the donor sites on my head to hurt as much (though this is easily dealt with by the painkillers provided). Also, I thought the operation would be a breeze, but it was a long, tiring day – and I’ve been sleeping a lot since. Having said which – if you’re going to have this kind of procedure, I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Epstein and his team.

Hi Ed! Sorry I took so long to respond but we are getting Andrew ready for college! I am so incredibly happy with the great care we received from Dr. Epstein and his staff. Even that sandwich for lunch felt heaven-sent to the weary traveler that I was that day. Andrew seems more confident every day. Everything looks good to me, his transplants have not fallen out yet but looks like everything is healing well. I know the hard part will be the waiting to see how many will actually take but we’ve come a long way and are praying for the best. I want to thank you for practically holding my hand from beginning to end. Your help was invaluable. Dr. Epstein is a wonderful person and a great doctor who made us feel at ease. I promise I will take the time to write a longer and more detailed letter about our awesome experience. I look forward to sending pictures of Andrew with his permanent eyebrows!! It will be good to add them to Dr. Epstein’s web site. After all that is how I found out about the center. I hope all is well with you and again thank you so much for all your help.

Good morning! Just arrived back in Jax. I’m sore and groggy but so super excited about my new hairline! I wanted to give you a hug for everything. This has been a dream come true for me & I am so grateful to You and your amazing staff. I’ve wanted this since junior high school. Thank you for checking on me (HUGS).


Hi Dr. Epstein!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff in Miami for helping me achieve my goals. I flew into Miami the day before my procedure and frankly didn’t get much sleep that night. I was obviously a little nervous and apprehensive about getting a facial hair procedure (Who wouldn’t be?). Nevertheless, I felt calm the minute I walked into the clinic. The staff were very nice and accommodating while I filled out the necessary paperwork. Shortly after, Dr. Epstein walked in and I was able to explain to him exactly what I wanted. The procedure itself lasted about 6 hours with a small lunch break in the middle – a very tasty a la carte meal. My wife was there with me during lunch break and we were able to discuss the progress made. I thought this was a great idea because I could then tell Dr. Epstein what exactly I wanted in terms of finishing touches! In the end, I was very impressed with the results – they were much better than expected. Both the shape and density achieved looked better than I ever imagined. Today is day 5 after my procedure. The scabs are completely gone, just a little redness visible, and I feel great about deciding to go ahead with this procedure. I will definitely recommend Dr. Epstein in the future. I will be sending photos very soon!

Best regards,


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