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Testimonials & REVIEWS

Hi Dr. Epstein,
I had an eyebrow transplant in early September and just wanted to let you know I am so excited about the results!
I’ll admit I was a bit worried that it wasn’t going to grow in properly but they are doing great! Such a difference .. thanks again for a wonderful job!

Hello Dr Epstein and Dan,

Hope you are both well and wishing you a Happy New Year!

I am on vacation right now and took some time to look back at the photographs I took pre and post-op. I have to say I was quite horrified at how I looked…no wonder I wasn’t really a happy bunny by the time I flew home – my swollen nose was enormous and I was so worried I was going to look like that forever!

Well, the healing process has been quite slow for me and I still have some slight bruising that just won’t shift…perhaps being vegetarian all these years has not been the best thing for my body as I’m sure I am deficient in something…anyway, I wanted to drop you a line to show you how I look these days. Now that I can see what a difference you made, I would like to thank you for what you have done. I am so happy I did it and it is so liberating to be able to have photographs taken whilst I am smiling and actually not hate the result ????

Best regards


Thank you. I’m doing great. Just on my way to the airport to head home to SLC. You and your staff were delightful. I will be back sometime for a rhinoplasty. My experience at your office was great. Linda was awesome!

You are always welcome to stay at our home if you’re ever in SLC. Have a wonderful day.

*Patient had eyebrow transplant.

Heading to the airport now. Doing well. Had some pain last night and I took one Alleve and Tylenol with codeine a few hrs after to sleep. Slept very well. Some mild pain in the back where the strip was taken. Took more Alleve for that. Mild swelling on the left side (the side you started on yesterday) and a little hard to yawn or laugh, but that got a little better from yesterday too.

Thanks for such and wonderful and seamless process, even from afar!


*Patient had grafting.

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to follow up on my eyebrow transplant done in Feb 2016.

I am really happy with the result!!!

I will send in photos in a bit. But I could not be happier! Hair have grown fully and keeps growing so I have to trim very often.
But I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much to the whole team!



*Patient had an eyebrow transplant.

Doc, it’s Nick.

Hey I’m doing ok. Forehead is pretty swollen, prob doesn’t help that I was on a plane for 3 hours yesterday. I’ll be fine, I’m just really impressed with your entire practice doc. You and ur team are a class act. I appreciate u hooking me up That was big time. Please please please do not hesitate to call me if u need anything. Tix to games, im talking hoop games too. Obviously if it’s I can get it done , but even if it’s not I hopefully will know someone that can hook u up. Next time I’m down I’ll bring by some scotch lol

Why’s up Doc.
Been in a bed with an awful cold. Felt it coming on before I got to your office.
I think all is great. Didn’t realize the amount of swelling first in my forehead and then around my eyes. I looked Chinese. But today I look 95 percent normal I’m back to work tomorrow flying to NC for the day.
Hair feels good no worries I can’t even see that anything has been done when I fix my hair. So perfect.
Can’t wait to start working out. And taking a proper shower So far so good. If it keeps going this way I might have to recommend you to people lol

FYI. You have a great staff. My compliments to all of them.

Hey Doc. I’m doing great. Keeping up with my spray, cleaning and rest. As you would know I already finished my antibiotics. So I want to thank you and your wonderful team for not only doing an amazing job at the procedure, but at making me and I’m sure the rest of your clients as comfortable and confident in you and your team as I did.

So sincerely thank you my friend.

Hi Dr. E!

Swelling is pretty much gone, crusts falling off. I’d say the healing process is going well! Thank you for checking, and thank you and your staff for the excellent service!

Yes I feel great! No pain everything is great!

I sent this to you yesterday:

Hi Dr. Epstein it’s N.

Lee wanted me to send you this message to let you know how much he appreciates all you and your staff did for him today! He knows that you went above and beyond in the procedure and the special care he received. We want you to know that we sincerely appreciate your efforts! Lee feels great and said that the post op instructions given to him by Elsa were excellent! But all your staff were truly fantastic! Thank you so much!

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