Hi Dan, I hope you are doing well.

Hi Dan,

I hope you are doing well.

I just wanted to check in with you before I leave Miami, and to say that I had a great follow up eyebrow procedure on Wednesday. It was nice to see Doc E and his team again, and it was a great experience. Everybody was very kind and helpful and I enjoyed the procedure. Knowing what to expect (having had the first procedure) made it much easier and more relaxing…and my eyebrows look great! I also had very minimal swelling/bruising compared to the first time, I am sure the medication that I took helped.

Doc E. suggested that I send him some photos to review when the new grafts grow in – I guess in about 9 months or so time, which I will do.

While not something immediate, I also mentioned that my eyelids are starting to “droop”. Doc E. said that he would be able to do an upper blepharoplasty procedure in the future if this became more problematic.

Thanks and warm regards,


*Patient from Dubai, had eyebrow transplant.

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