Hi Dr Epstein, so glad you reached out. I really wanted to thank you for an exceptional experience.

Like you, I’m a health practitioner. I’m passionate about the art of service and compassion and I run my own business where I render physical/spiritual healing to many. I find that there are few in the medical venue that share that agenda. So because of my personal journey I don’t frequent doctors,as I’m inspired to fend for myself.

That said, you were redemptive on that end.

To say that you are the exception to the rule is an understatement. I instinctively knew from my visit in NY that you were different. From your receptionists to your assistant practitioners, the experience was professional, compassionate, and sensitive. The epitome of altruism! And in today’s climate those qualities are far fetched, so I don’t take that for granted.

Yesterday’s experience has changed my heart re to the health venue and I thank You sincerely! As my scalp heals, I’ll know how to move forward toward more improvement. One thing sure, it will be with you.


Patient had hair transplant.

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